Bodi “Anagnorisis” – Official Music Video

fall of atlas

Check out this video from Bodi for his track “Anagnorisis” from his latest album “The Fall of Atlas”; awesome stuff!

Produced by Doctype and Bodi
Additional Vocals by Lotte Kestner
Mixed and Mastered by Graham O’Brien
Director David Ascencio
Assisstant Director Alyssa Guillen
Cinematography Mario Larios David Ascencio
Dolly Grip Mario Larios
Editor David Ascencio

Be sure to grab yourself a copy of Bodi’s album “The Fall of Atlas” right here:

Bodi will also be traveling the world for the next year or so, voluteering in various different countries. To stay up to date with whats happening as well and offering your support: will have all of the info.

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Beatmaking with Al’tarba 2009 – Video

Lullabies for Insomniacs

Check this awesome video from beatmaker al’tarba working on a beat at his home studio in toulouse, France back in 2009.

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in the mood for more music from al’tarba?
check out the full version of his album “Lullabies for Insomniacs” right here:

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Billy Woods – “Gilgamesh”(Music Video) + “Dour Candy” New Album Out now!

dour candy

CHeck out this fresh new video for Billy Woods’ track “Gilgamesh”from his latest album, “Dour Candy”!

billy woods featuring L’Wren
from the album Dour Candy
Produced by Blockhead
Shot & Edited by Anna Stypko
Directed by William Bodega

Be sure to grab a copy of “Dour Candy” right here:

for more info on Billy Woods, these are the spaces:

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Dirty Dike – Future Posse Cut One Thousand Feat. Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax, BVA, DatKid, Verb T, Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr. Key, Fliptrix & Leaf Dog – Music Video!


Check this phat New official video for Dirty Dike – Future Posse Cut One Thousand Feat. Stig Of The Dump, Dr Syntax, BVA, DatKid, Verb T,Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue, Mr. Key, Fliptrix & Leaf Dog produced by Pete Cannon. This track is lifted from the brand new Dirty Dike album Return Of The Twat which is produced by Naive & Pete Cannon and OUT NOW on High Focus Records on CD, digital & limited edition gatefold red vinyl!

Directed and edited by Cillian Farrell
Cinematographers – Joe Quinn and Sonni Rossi


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Music Video: Abstract Rude + Musab featuring Toki Wright & Slug – “Plan C” (The Awful Truth)


Good Friday all; be safe this weekend!

Thought we’d kick it off with this fresh new Music Video for Abstract Rude + Musab’s track “Plan C” featuring Toki Wright & Slug from their latest album “The Awful Truth”.
Check it out here:

“The “Plan C” video was shot in Minneapolis as Musab and Abstract rode in to town as part of their “Stampede To Soundset” Tour. It was the perfect moment to have the distinguished guest MCs and their Rhymesayers brethren, Toki Wright and Slug be a part of the action.

For those who don’t know about “The Awful Truth”:

“The Awful Truth” is ten track project produced by Ganzobean (except the title track produced by Orikal Uno) that exists as a nice merging of both MCs styles. Immediately upon listening it occurs to you that this is a collaboration that may not have seemed obvious from a distance, but a closer look reveals it as a perfect combination. Both MCs share many similar strengths; great storytelling skills, the gift of accurately and vividly depicting real life experiences and a love for exhibiting a mastery over the written word. Additionally, one of Abstract Rude’s key vocal attributes has always been him using his voice as melodic instrument and this presence is strongly noted on most songs on”The Awful Truth”. This project is a representation of all these skills, with a backing of moody and vibe-filled tracks that range from good feeling to emotionally moving to inspirational. Vocally, Musab and Abstract Rude shine through out the project and as an added bonus they bring along some of their friends. Guest appearances include Slug (of Atmosphere), Blueprint, Toki Wright, Grouch, and a upcoming Las Vegas MC, Highdro”.

Get The Abstract Rude + Musab “The Awful Truth” CD NOW:

Track Produced By Ganzobean (@Ganzobean )
Directed by Alyson “B. Squid” Bruno (@bsquidvicious) of Keep the Feel Ent. (

Connect with Abstract Rude:
Fifth Element:

Connect With Musab:
Fifth Element:…

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Dead Players – Winning (OFFICIAL VIDEO) + Album Out Now!


“Official video for Dead Players – Winning. This track is lifted of the brand new Dead Players album OUT NOW on High Focus Records on CD, digital & limited edition vinyl! Dead Players are Jam Baxter, Dabbla & GhostTown, the album features Dirty Dike, Edward Scissortongue & Parly B! Buy it and you will be a certified winner!”

Video by Jamie Coward


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Brothers Of The Stone – The Awakening (OFFICIAL VIDEO) – OUT NOW!


Check it out!!!
Brand new Official video for ‘The Awakening’, lifted from the Brothers Of The Stone album which is OUT NOW on High Focus Records. Brothers Of The Stone are Leaf Dog, BVA with Illinformed on production! The album features Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz, KRS-One, Fliptrix, Beast 1333, Smellington Piff, Eric The Red, Tommy Dockerz, Jack Jetson & DJ Sammy B-Side!

Video by Andrew Hugh Craig


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“Late Pass” …A Brand New Album from Jel – OUT NOW! + Video

Late Pass

Jel just dropped his brand new album “Late Pass” and it’s now available to purchase from the Anticon website here:

Check out this video with some completely insane live drumming from the man himself:

Here’s some info on the album from Anticon and Jel:

” Imagine Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad detonating explosives under the prog-rock grooves of German experimental behemoths, Can. These ideas seem mutually exclusive, but they’re not. The evidence is in the shrapnel funk of Late Pass, the third album from Anticon co-founder, Jel. As the scarred vocals of the title track instruct: don’t get too comfortable.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Chicago-bred, Bay-area based producer/rapper born Jeffrey Logan, he’s on the shortlist for best indie rap producer of the last decade. Admittedly, this sort of hyperbole comes standard issue in one-sheets, but Jel has the necessary resume.

His career traces back to Deep Puddle Dynamics, a group featuring Slug of Atmosphere and Jel’s frequent collaborator, Doseone. Later forming Subtle, Themselves, and 13 & God, Jel and Dose’s blitzkrieg experimentations remain visionary and futuristic—they’re also among the few times rock and rap have ever successfully gotten high together. Most recently, Jel co-produced the Kenny Dennis EP and C.A.R. with Odd Nosdam for label mate, Serengeti, two similarly brilliant blends of high concept ideas, hover-converted boom bap, and the occasional rib tip sandwich.

On paper, it seems a little strange that Late Pass is only his third official solo record. But not when you consider it’s meticulousness. Samples, hard-slapping drums, and damaged vocals are stitched with surgical precision. Six years in the making, Late Pass was casually co-produced by Odd Nosdam at his cottage studio, Burnco Berkeley, just blocks from the legendary Fantasy Studios. And it was at Fantasy that engineer Jesse Nichols assisted on the album’s final mix, blowing the icing off the cake with the very same model SSL mixing board that Dr. Dre favored throughout the late 80’s and 90’s. In a 2006 online Q & A for Esquire Magazine, Jel expressed to Quincy Jones that “It’s never too late man, never too late to take as much time needed to finish an album, to finish it right.” Late Pass was fully baked by mastering guru Daddy Kev.

“The title came from how I was just late in delivering a third album and how motherfuckers are late onto me,” Jel says. “It represents where I’m at right now. I’m not falling the fuck off. I’m not getting super large. I’m doing my thing.”

His thing is successfully reconciling warring ideas. It’s noisy and intense but it swings enough to make your head nod. It’s a psychedelic sample collage, but one that avoids the usual clichés. It isn’t trippy or cinematic. It will leave you dizzy, not because of a druggy vibe, but because your face has been slapped and your head spun around several times. You might recognize some of your favorite rap lines turned distorted and sunburned.

This outlook is buried in the observational raps—it’s paranoid and skeptical, the personal as political.

“Sometimes the inspirations came from walking around outside, sometimes they would come from a Boots Riley song,” Jel said. “We’re an easily seduced culture in a twisted tornado of cell phones and information overload. As a response, I kept things a little more minimal. I didn’t want to over do the drums. I wanted to get my point across.”

This point appears from the first seconds of the album—when the MPC starts to punch and the drums start to kick—and the impact is bayonet sharp “.

This is definitely an album you don’t want to miss as well as an artist more than worthy of your support.

For more information on Jel this is the link:

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Crashing – New Single from Viva La Hinderance – Out Now!


Check out the New Viva La Hinderance Single prod by Matt ManOne Rudge ,B side prod by Wermonster Nico available to stream and purchase here!

Their new album is coming soon on Paramanu Recordings ft Liggy Long Moses Sbg Megabusive Duke Zero-One Syntax Strange Tdli Abstrakt Distortion and OptimusGFN , so keep your eyes peeled..

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