blindspot – “Mars Athletics” Brand New Album Out Now!


Blindspot have just released a brand new 8-track Album out called “MARS ATHLETICS” and it really fresh!

Check out the first video from the album here:

Over one year after their last release the duo teamed up again to create Mars Athletics, a thrilling record displaying Blindspot’s range of skills. Producer Dot and Rapper Mr.Feat constantly exploring the aspects of earth in the 21st century while borderlining the edges of musical concepts in a world that seems to be as strange as Mars…

You can Order the “Mars Athletics” album here:

Also, if you’re as much a fun of limited edition collectables as I am; You might be interested to know about this:

This a Vinyl-Postcard with one side Vinyl and Artwork by Max Birkl , playing the new single “Astromedic”, and one side common postcard.
The Vinyl comes with an IMMEDIATE digital download of the song plus a FREE DOWNLOAD of the forthcoming Album “Mars Athletics”!!!
Limited to 40 units… What more could you ask for

Be sure to check out Blindspot on the web too:

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Sadistik “Firing Squad” (Feat. Ceschi) – New Single Out Now! #freeceschi

Firing Squad

Sadistik just drooped a new single called ” Firing Squad” Feat. Ceschi
Produced by: SXMPLELIFE (

You can grab the track right here:

A message from Sadistik:
I’m releasing this song for free in an attempt to spread awareness for my friend (and Fake Four Inc. label owner) Ceschi Ramos. For those of you who are unaware, he owns the record label that I am on and has been imprisoned under questionable circumstances. If you feel inclined, please check out the campaign at:

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Ancient Mith “Melungeon” Beat by Mattr. – Music Video Out Now!!!


Ancient Mith has a brand new video out called “Melungeon”!
“Melungeon is a term to describe a group of typically dark skinned light-eyed people in the Appalachian Mountains whose ancestry is unknown. At times used in a derogatory manner. A story of a people that society set aside, only to eventually become indistinguishable from. This and the idea, that most people want to be different or unique, yet when someone is, the crowd tends to point and not accept it, are the basis for the song. Summed up in the line, “Ain’t nothing changed, nobody wants to be plain, but we laugh at the strange when they’re all alone.” Confetti Noir assists with the visuals, filmed in South France. Tabatha represents the innocence of being yourself, how certain elements such as skin color, or appearance can not be changed or masked for others to judge and the resolve and strength it takes to face these challenges everyday. “Melungeon” is the second video from Ancient Mith’s “And The Dead Shall Lie There”.”

Check it out here:

Ancient Mith “Melungeon” Beat by Mattr.
Video by Sebastien Casino, Confetti Noir
from the album “And The Dead Shall Lie There”
Archives & Art Supplies

You can grab yourself a copy of the full album right here:

Or here:

More about Ancient Mith:
“While there are plenty of anomalies in the world to ponder, one of the most striking is why a biography seems to validate ones ability to accept or like the art that is being presented. Raised by wolves and great parents, Ancient Mith is an American, living in Denver, Co. and making music. The 2003 award winner of the 1908 Pulitzer Prize given out by Gandhi, himself. They spit a few bars and were Swayze. Has saved numerous a woman from burning dog houses and dogs from burning people houses, even though most of them were cat ladies. Chicken pot pie was his favorite food in kindergarten, which is a German word”.

These are the spaces:

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La Coka Nostra – Mind Your Business (Official Music Video)


Wassup all!

So here’s a sick video by La Coka Nostra for all the NY City rapper fans! La Coka Nostra is Ill Bill & Slaine with beats laid out by DJ Premier. This track is off the “Masters of the Dark Arts” album.

Enjoy peeps! ~ L!0n

pavleisdead – Predestination For the Labyrinth (Album Film) + Album Out Now!


Check this short film by pavleisdead for his album “Predestination For the Labyrinth”

The album is a story piece; politically motivated & sonically influenced by the likes of Anticon and Fake Four. Its about taking action by doing something Radical and the consequences involved.

Be sure to grab yourself a free copy of the full album here:

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EVIL EBENEZER – SUNSHINE (beat/video by Stuey Kubrick) New Music Video + Album OUT NOW!


Hot on the heels of “These Streets” and marking the release week for “Howl”, Stuey Kubrick and Evil have teamed up again for a look at the brighter side of Howl. Beaches, hotties, scooters and random bums round out the twisted scenario.
Peep the video right here:

You can Buy the SUNSHINE(Single) & the album “HOWL” right here:

“Howl is the crescendo of years of musical evolution and personal growth for Evil Ebenezer.  The album unifies the youthful exuberance of Call Me Evil and the rawness of The Wanderer, with the dark honesty of Evil Eye, culminating in Evil’s most versatile release yet.  Howl represents a musical growl of relief signifying Evil Ebenezer’s perseverance through adversity and his acceptance of his positive future ahead.  A master of cadence, Evil Ebenezer captures the neurotic soul of our times with eccentric dysfunction, humor and darkness, all told with his trademark smooth delivery.  If Atmosphere and Q-Tip were one, the musical gem that resulted would sound like Howl.  Evil Ebenezer’s music on Howl represents the everyday mans struggle in a genre full of braggadocios alpha-males.  It is honest music that appeals to emotions, showcases the maturity of the songwriters and finds the silver lining that we all seek.  Evil Ebenezer is the Captain Hook in a genre full of Peter Pans; someone has to be dark and Evil.  The album features guest appearances by Vancouver phenom Snak The Ripper and Edmonton’s critically acclaimed emcee Cadence Weapon with the majority of production from underground legend Stuey Kubrick”.

Other places to purchase:
iTunes Canada:…
iTunes USA:…
Physical CD’s:…
Directed by: Stuey Kubrick
Produced by: Stuey Kubrick

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The Mouse Outfit feat. Dr Syntax – Over The Rocks (Music Video) OUT NOW!!

Escape Music

Check out this awesome new video from The Mouse Outfit featuring Dr Syntax!!!

Taken from the album ‘Escape Music’, available to buy here:

or here:…

The Mouse Outfit are a 9 piece live band and production team based in Manchester UK, currently performing with Dr Syntax and Sparkz on vocals.

Find them at:
And Dr Syntax:

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The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust by k-the-i??? / Walter Gross – New Album Out Now!

The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust

k-the-i??? and Walter Gross just dropped an incredibly fresh brand new album!!
Check it out here:

“With The Promise Of Automation, k-the-i??? and Walter Gross came together in 2005 as Youth:Kill. With Walter laying down beats and Kiki on the mic, the two created something that may have been beyond its time. The Blueprint Of A Paper Airplane / Like Dust brings the two back 3-4 years later, but unlike the Youth:Kill collaboration, k-the-??? and Walter Gross showcase 20 minutes of solo material. These past years certainly showed growth and development from both artists. K-the-i??? displays 5 instrumental tracks. Walter Gross constructs one ambient track. While k-the-i??? produces heavy beat driven notes with that slight jazz influence going on, be it slight, it carries its own weight with a nostalgic slang. The drumming sequence is stunning. The softness of the tones and the samples used create an airy loftiness that rolls well in its rhythm. Walter Gross on the other hand is much darker, for real tho. The sample of a phone call from Baltimore jail is haunting and eerie. It changes the tone of the album. Gross utilizes time as an instrument and moments as a bridge. Imagine the mantra of meditation from the cell. Lost in the thoughts of the past”.

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Indiana emcee cas One has a new album coming out very soon…
check out the first official promo vid here:

Pre-order your copy right here:

Plus check out the brand new single and lyric video for “The Get Down” right here:

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