Free Download: P.O.S/Marijuana Deathsquads remix album ‘WDELH/MDS/RMX’!!!


Don’t know how long this will be available so get on it quickly if you can… In exchange for your email address you can grab yourself a copy of P.O.S/Marijuana Deathsquad’s remix album ‘WDELH/MDS/RMX’ for free!

Download WDELH/MDS/RMX for free here:

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and most importantly… Buy the original album on CD/LP from Doomtree Store!!

Enjoy! dhh

“Soul Our System” The Latest Offering from blonju – OUT NOW!

blonju banner

The one and only blonju just dropped an extremely fresh new album!!
Produced, arranged, sequenced and mixed  by blonju himself, it is truely indie album and we highly recommend checking it out. Of course, all the beats are self produced and mostly sample driven with hard hitting extensive chopping and shaping that bring forward a sound he can truely call his own. blonju even appears as a lead vocal on every song and the album features the like of Escape Ferocity, Mick Daggers, Cypher Linguistics, MG and more. 

Don’t sleep and get yourself a copy right here:

More on blonju:

Blonju is the natural path to everything and nothing – within, without, beyond, and before that which has no beginning or end. The music generated through cosmic manipulation of electrical devices by Blonju and his numerous cohorts, is uniquely structured to provide curious moments of wonder while eating crackers. The extra-planetary insight sparked through wormhole travel, and the sensory perceptions tantalized therein, provide us with an ever so slight glimpse into the mystery called Blonju.

Using Protools, Acid 6.0, a Microkorg, a Yamaha DGX-300, an MPC-2000xl, a rhymebook, and some very talented friends, Blonju has amassed a vault of songs and beats that will carry us through eternity. Working with the likes of Bogee, Nowwhy, Rockwell, Markham, the late Donnie Mac, aka Pops, Pscyho Fanatic, MP Squared, Bobby Jones, Phil G , Ina Escobar, Dave Roth, Lebron “Porky” Scott, Joe McGuinness, Oliver Wood, Nathan Nelson, Charlie Wooten, Trev – the Dude, Scott Glazer, Matt Wachoupe, Escape Ferocity, and most recently, Rysa9, aka Rysa Davis, of Escape Ferocity, the Blonju has been continually evolving by transmorphing his music with the soul intent of making people THINK.
blonju liveBlonju says, “Knowing great musicians is much more than a blessing – it’s an opportunity to pursue a mutual goal of providing people with a portal into the soul of the universe, which in turn, invokes spiritual energy – positive, negative, neutral, as well as every natural, relative variance in between”

Remember to keep your alien antennas tuned to channels of the Blonju and recognize the ever evoked spirit of oneness.

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Peace! ~ dhh

Yak Ballz – My Claim

Yak Ballz

Hey guys!

I uncovered a classic album which I haven’t heard in ages, and thought I’d share a track with the old school heads out there!

I hope you guys enjoy Yak Ballz as much as I do, this one’s surely a fan pleaser!

The album is entitled My Claim which is a album I couldn’t put down the first time hearing it! His other 2 albums out are Scifentology 1 & 2.

Peace! ~ L!0n

R.A. the Rugged Man “Sam Peckinpah” ft. Vinnie Paz, Sadat (Music Video)


With his critically-acclaimed new album “Legends Never Die” now in stores everywhere, R.A. The Rugged Man releases the video for “Sam Peckinpah”, featuring Vinnie Paz and Sadat X.

Check it out here!!

If you haven’t already got your copy; these are the links…

Peace! ~ dhh

No Bird Sing “And War” (Music Video) – OUT NOW!


Minneapolis-based 3 piece hip-hop band NO BIRD SING is set to drop their “DEFINITION SICKNESS” LP on November 12, 2013 via STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS.

Check out the amazing first video from the album here!!!

No Bird Sing combines the talents of emcee Joe Horton, drummer/producer Graham O’Brien, and guitarist/producer Robert Mulrennan. With “Definition Sickness”, the trio has maintained the integrity of their live-band roots while exploring a more produced sound that ranges from stark minimalism to lush expansiveness. The first video from the album, “And War”, examines the central decision faced by citizens of an empire in decline: cling to dying ideas and anesthetics or resolve to experience a disquieting reality with more depth and clarity?

Set in a near-future America, the video follows one man through a derelict city as he encounters LED-clad jackers, underground auctions, and users of a mysterious, opiate-like drug. It’s clear that the man is searching for something, but neither he nor the viewer has more than a faint sense of what that might be. “And War” presents viewers with a vision of America only slightly removed from their own, asking them to view their own declining empires, both personal and political, with new eyes.

“Definition Sickness” will be available in stores as well as iTunes and all major digital retailers on November 12, 2013. Exclusive pre-order packages are available now at

Enjoy! ~ dhh

Verb T – Old And Grumpy (OFFICIAL VIDEO) + New Album OUT NOW!!


CHeck out this extremely fresh Official NEW video for Verb T’s track “Old and Grumpy!

This track is lifted from Verb T’s brand new self produced album “I Remain” out now on High Focus Records in CD, digital & limited edition vinyl formats!

The album features Kashmere, Fliptrix & Genesis Elijah!

This is where you get it:

Enjoy! ~ dhh

Restiform Bodies “TV Loves You Back” (Remixes) – OUT NOW!!!

tv remix

5 years later….the RB’s FINALLY get around to releasing their long sought-after remix record!!

It features remixes from a diverse cast of characters including Tobacco, Odd Nosdam, Genghis Tron, Lazer Sword, Wallpaper. , Mochipet, Alias, Broken Spindles, Anon Day and many more.

Grab yourself a copy right here:

An unmastered treat for the ears, and a true gift for those with patience.

Peace to this! ~ dhh

The Grouch & Eligh ft. Pigeon John – “Run” (Official Music Video)


Following the release of their last single/video “All These Lights” The Grouch & Eligh return with the official video for “Run” featuring Pigeon John. Check it out here!

The track (produced by Eligh) sets the mood perfectly for the video.
Also be sure to grab the free download of “Run” via

Peace! ~ dhh

ARMAND HAMMER (billy woods & Elucid) Album “RACE MUSIC” OUT NOW!!!


It is rare that two acclaimed solo artists, each just reaching their creative prime, come together to create something completely new.

Nevertheless, two of NYC’s most innovative MCs, billy woods and Elucid, have joined forces as Armand Hammer.

We are very pleased to announce that today, October 22nd, 2013 Backwoodz Studioz have released the visionary debut LP entitled RACE MUSIC by Armand Hammer.

Get your copy now at your favorite direct from Backwoodz Studioz here!

Enjoy! ~ dhh

Imagery & Keizan’s “The New Age EP” – Available Now!

new age K & i

Also out… Imagery & Keizan’s “The New Age EP” and it’s really fresh!!

Go get yourself a copy right here:

This is the prelude video from the EP in case you missed it the first time..

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Facebook Imagery:
Facebook Keizan:
Twitter @imagery1uk
Twitter @Samsara_Keizan
Bandcamp :
Bandcamp :

Peace! ~ dhh