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Split Prophets : Upfront, Res, Two Tungs & DatKid – “Southbound & Down” [Official Music Video]

Hey guys!

Hope you all have a rockin’ New Years!!! But for now here’s a sick new track by Split Prophets hailin in from the UK.

Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did!

Peace! ~L!0n

Our Top Albums for 2013 Anounced!!

Due to the incredibly high number of great albums that came out this year it’s almost impossible to pick just 10 and especially a Top-10; So instead, this year we’ve decided to list our some of our favourites and let you check them out for yourselves…
Hopefully you get something from our “lists”.

Check them out!


VIDEO // Abandoned Places

Originally posted on Arty Graffarti:

Think of the possibilities….

Inside is a non-narrative short film documentary exploring many of the abandoned asylums, hotels, and other buildings in the north east (US) left behind to die slow and painful deaths. These architectural beauties are reflections of the past with a majority of contents still inside, ranging from christmas decorations to surgical tools.

This 5 month project was shot sporadically with a 7d, Gopro2, tripod, Glidecam, and a car to sleep in. Trying to capture the moment at these locations is challenging regardless of what camera or lens you use. It cannot record the smells or the utter silence, nor will it do the scenery complete justice compared to the real thing. The real challenge was traveling with minimal camera gear, trekking on fire/water damaged areas, dodging security cars, and scrambling to prepare shots in a minefield of paint chips and asbestos. But with these challenges came…

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