BVA’s “This Love is Love” (Prod. Leaf Dog) – OFFICIAL VIDEO Out Now!


Check out the fresh new Official video for BVA – This Love Is Love lifted from the forthcoming BVA debut solo album!!

“The project is entirely produced by Leaf Dog, Illinformed & Amdek! The album is released on the 14th of February 2014 on High Focus Records and features Leaf Dog, Fliptrix, Verb T, Rag N Bone Man, Dirty Dike, Kashmere, Cracker Jon, Smellington Piff & DJ Sammy B-Side”.

You can Pre-order your copy at the following spaces:


Charlie Mac / M.A.B – Gangsta Sh!t ***Official Video***!!

charlie mab2

Came across this yesterday and although it’s not new it’s pretty damn fresh in my opinion. Check out the official music vid for Charlie Mac / M.A.B’s – “Gangsta Sh!t” taken from their 2011 project ‘One Song A Day Keeps The Doctor Away’.

You can also grab a copy of the full project at “name your price” download here:


Kingz & Pharaohz’ “Gangsta” Prod. Gorilla Tek – New Single Out Now!!


Dj Mixx (@DjMixx305) and Terry B (@TerryBBK) are Kingz & Pharaohz (@KingzNPharaohz). This, the first single, “Gangsta” [Prod. Gorilla Tek | Graphics. PesuArt.Com] is from their upcoming release, The Kingz & Pharaohz EP. Something new n fresh to kick your year into gear!
Check it out here:

For more info on Kingz & Pharaohz their official site is now live right here:


The Art of Self Destruction by Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats

 The Art of Self Destruction by Bloodmoney & Morbidly-O-Beats

After giving us Wake The Dead in 2011 and Uncommon Records’ MRDR DTH KLL as DCK VNNGT (duo with YunSloth), Bloodmoney is at it again. Take a listen to ‘ The Art of Self Destruction’, completely produced by Morbidly-O-Beats. The producer crafted a sinister and heavy hitting soundtrack for Bloodmoney’s lyrics. The pre-order is available on bandcamp, the full album is set to drop on February 11th (2014).

Qwel & Maker’s “Abracadabra” – Official Music Video Out Now!!

Qwel and Maker

A few days ago Qwel & Maker dropped their slick official music Video for their track “Abracadabra” from the 2013 album “Beautiful Raw”! It was produced and animated by Ben Marlowe with simply awesome results..
Check it out here:

If you haven’t already you can grab a copy of the full album here:…

For more information on Qwel & Maker these are the spaces:


“Sideffects” Brand New Album From Onboard Balloon – Out Now!!

onbrd Ballon

Been waiting on this a while and I’m very pleased to say the day has finally arrived!!
Check out the fresh new album from Onboard Balloon available to purchase right here:

“Making music has become a side effect in my life. It’s something that just kind of happens. It’s something I’ve always turned to in times of peril and happiness. It’s something I have loved to do since I can remember pulling all the pots and pans out of my mother’s cupboard and beating them with wooden spoons. I have loved writing and the art of words since I knew what it was. I write almost everyday, still to this day. Mostly to cope with the everyday bullshit that we all face. It’s extremely therapeutic and helps me stay focused on what’s important in my life. I have been recording my music and releasing it since the year 2007. I made this entire album with a piece of shit keyboard, an AT 20/20 for the vocals, some numark turntables, and the heart of lion. I truly hope you enjoy it. ALSO big shout out to the fans that actually give a fuck about what I’m doing musically. I’M STILL ALIVE!! 2014!!”
– Lee Willis Onboard Balloon

For more information about Onboard Balloon, these are the spaces:
CD Baby


Doze Presents “Iron & Rhymes 2” new Aesop Rock + Iron and Wine Mashup – Available Now!

Iron and rhymes

Radio show host turned music producer, Doze just dropped his brand new mashup of Aesop Rock + Iron and Wine called “Iron & Rhymes 2”!!
it’s available for free download right here:

We definitely recommend checking it out..


Sammy Warm Hands (feat. Guante) – “Crisis of Conscience”(Music Video) & “Bears Repeating” – Brand New Album Out Now!

crisis of conscience

Happy Friday All!

Hope you had a great week.
Check out this fresh new video from Sammy Warm Hands, who some some of you might know from the group “The Illusionists”, It’s called “Crisis of Conscience” and features the equally epic emcee “Guante”; Check it out here:

“Crisis of Conscience” is a full scale attack on our culture’s dysfunctional image obsession, perpetuated by the media that we view and purchase every day. Written and performed by Sammy Warm Hands (of The ILLusionists), Guante, and music by Odar (of The ILLusionists)”.

You can also grab his brand new full legnth solo album “Bears Repeating” at a name your price(support if you can afford to) download right here:

There are also some awesomely slick CD packages available here:

Peace! ~dhh

Ode To Ghana

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If like me, a Hip Hop tribute to Ghana’s afro-jazz musicians made solely using samples from that vibrant scene sounds like the most exciting the internet has shown you this week; you’re in the right place. This 20 track compilation from indie web-based label and international production collective Hobo Truffles is a chilled listen that’s perfect for simulating some rays of sunshine to get you through Britain’s cold streak right now.

When German producers Shufflejack and Robot Orchestra assembled this band of beat-makers for their take on the Highlife genre, they chose from the world’s foremost aspiring talent; who all soak in the radiant African influence and reinterpret the genre through a Hip-Hop-tinted lens. Over Twenty tracks each man brings his own distinct style, drawing from electronica, much of the modern, more jazz-influenced tones that permeate instrumental hip hop at the moment, that ubiquitous touchstone that the Dilla legacy has…

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