Moodie Black – “N.A.U.S.E.A.” – Available May 6 – Pre-order Here!

MB - NAsea

Moodie Black have a brand new album coming next week!!
N.A.U.S.E.A. will be available from May 6 but in the mean-time you can pre-order your copy here via Dora dorovitch label – Fake Four Inc – Jarring Effects!

Here’s a small taste of what to expect:

“Nausea. Disorienting. Anxious. Unsettled. It is hard to imagine better words for the debut release by post-noise rap pioneers Moodie Black. Like the concept of Nausea itself used in existential philosophies of Jean Paul Sartre, the album is a sonic confrontation with the beauty of an unsettled mood, a disconnection with what is everyday and common. Following up their 2013 self-titled E.P. that herald their mastery of integrating hip-hop styled rap with punishing noise, static, and industrial yet melodic soundscapes, Nausea offers audiences a different vision of what noise rap can be. Unlike the uptempo tracks found on their self-titled E.P. release (No Blood ft. Ceschi Ramos; Hipster Death; Last Griot ft. Dälek), Nausea reveals a more downtempo, near catatonic, dystopian, and beautiful mood. The band seems to have traded in raw, punishing static force, for more sophisticated ambient sounds and progressions. The album has a dark continuity and holds together well under its half-time rhythmic, head nod inducing pulses. Lyrics tell a story about the band’s frustrations with mass conformity, societal lack of sincerity, all while also paying homage to the transcendent quality of the human struggle as a meaningful one. Like the existential concept of Nausea itself, Moodie Black’s Nausea present sonic basic truths about human nature and existence. As its big beats, prodding rhythms, on point lyrical flows, wailing vocals, blissed out synth and dark guitars come crashing down upon us, Nausea upsets our everyday understanding of not only noise rap by shocking us into a new awareness about the genre, but also about what existence more generally, can be.


It’s hard to say that you just listen to this album. It’s better to say you experience it. It is a sonic journey. Listen with caution”

Every pre-order of the Moodie Black Picture disc gets you into a contest to win a test pressing by drawing lots!!

PRE-ORDER – Secure yourself a copy of Moodie Black’s Nausea on Picture Disc now !!PRE-ORDER—Secure-yourself-a-copy-of-Moodie-Blacks-Nausea-on-Picture-Disc-now-/c19sr/643C53A6-4C77-41A1-8CCA-050D8988DA0C

Pre-order Moodie Black’s atmospheric noise rap opus NAUSEA with limited coloring book by artist Jamee Varda!

For more info on Moodie Black this is where to look:!moodieblack/

Really looking forward to this one…

Peace! ~dhh


Edward Scissortongue – “The Calculator” OFFICIAL VIDEO + Brand New “Theremin EP” – OUT NOW!

EDWsT - Theramin

Check out this fresh video for Edward Scissortongue’s track ‘The Calculator’ produced by Konchis, taken from the brand new 7 track ‘Theremin EP’!!

The E.P. features production from Lamplighter, Dirty Dike, Sumgii, Eon Ra, Miles Courtney and Konchis and is available in various formats here:

Enjoy! ~dhh

Triune Gods “≠ Three Cornered World” – Out Now!!

Triune Gods

Got to give this a listen the other day and found it incredibly refreshing…
Introducing Triune Gods and their all new album “≠ Three Cornered World”!!
Get your copy here:

“Three feathers come together – sibitt (MC/Singer) from Japan, bleubird (MC) from USA, and Scott Da Ros (beatmaker/producer) from Canada. These are three very different musical entities from three different worlds, who when formed together become a very powerful triad of creative authenticity. Triune Gods are a rare, multilingual, and experimental hip hop group. 
In 2008, bleubird and Scott met sibitt on tour in Japan. Already fans of each other’s music, they clicked immediately, and at that moment the plan to collaborate was set into motion. In 2010 they finally met again for a week in Montreal to record their debut album Seven Days Six Nights. It was then that they became Triune Gods. 
Together their musical output has many sides: playful, intense, tragic and beyond. With their second studio album, ≠ Three Cornered World, they were more accustomed to the process of working together – thus able to explore further into unknown and exciting territories”. 

Each of them has their own unique style of musicianship and respect from many music lovers around the world. Race, language, and orders don’t contain them. 

People, welcome to Triune Gods’ universe! 

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Peace! ~dhh

The Cloaks – “Optical Conclusions” feat. Abstract Rude – Official Music Video Out Now!!

the cloaks aw1ngr

Hot off the Fresh! The Cloaks (Awol One & Gel Roc) just dropped their brand new single & music video “Optical Conclusions” ft. Abstract Rude!!
Check it out:

It’s lifted from their all new Self Titled LP available via iTunes right here:
or order Digipak CD via Access Hip Hop here:

P & C 2014 Abolano Records

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Peace! ~dhh

Mr. Lif’s – “Sleepyhead II “Classic Combos” ” – New Album Out Now!

mr lif sleepyheads

Mr. Lif just dropped the slick second part in the Sleepyhead series and it’s available for name your price download right here!

The Sleepyhead series is a collection of unrelieced and hard to find tracks with part II specifically focussing on tracks that Lif featured on earlier on in his carier.

This is definitely a must have for any collector of good hiphop…

For more information and to stay in touch with Mr. Lif check out:

Enjoy! ~dhh

Blueprint’s “Silver Lining” Official Music Video + “Respect the Architect” New Album Out Now!!

blueprint rTA

Blueprint just dropped his brand new project “Respect the Architect”!!
This is the second video from the album called “Silver Lining”…
Check it out here:

“Respect the Architect” is produced entirely by Blueprint himself, except for the track “Perspective,” (which is produced by Imakemadbeats) and features guest appearances from Count Bass D, Illogic, and Midaz the Beast.!
You can grab yourself a copy in a variety of options right here:

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“SONGS FOR THE SLEEP DEPRIVED” – Brand New Album from JE double F – Out Now!!!

JE Dbl F - S4tSD

I’m very pleased to announce that J E Double F’s fresh new album “Songs for the Sleep Deprived” has just arrived and is officially available for download right here!!!

This is definitely one album you do not wanna miss out on, so get on it!

Also, just in case you missed it, this is the Official video for the debut track “Nightscare” lifted from the album… Check it out here:

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Enjoy! ~dhh

Sleep X Maulskull’s “Oregon Failure” New Album Out Now!

Sleep oregon failure

Sleep of Old Dominion just dropped a brand new album called ‘Oregon Failure’ and it’s really fresh! Set to Maulskull’s heavy hitting, up-tempo dreamtrap, the album’s themes touch on trial and error, effort and failure, and ultimately perseverance.
Be sure to get yourself a copy here:

“A master of poly-rhythmic turnarounds, chopping double time, Sleep builds up 
cadence the way Diplo builds towards the drop. Never coming off phony or Polyannaish, young go-hards and old school heads alike can identify with the anthems of ‘Oregon Failure’.”

For more information on Sleep, these are the links:

Peace! dhh

Sapient’s “Light Tiger” – New Album Pre-Orders Available Now!

Sapient Light tiger

Sapient just announced the second volume in the Eaters legacy, “Light Tiger”!!
Check it out here:

You can Pre-Order the album here –

For more info and to stay in touch with Sapient this is where to look:
Twitter & Instagram – @Sapientkills

Enjoy! ~ dhh

Al’Tarba – “The Sleeping Camp” Official Video + New E.P. OUT NOW!

ATB the sleeping camp

Al’Tarba just dropped this awesome new Video for his title track and EP “The Sleeping Camp”… Check it out here!!

As a turning point in a search for sounds with darker moods, this new EP is the introduction of his new album “Let the Ghosts Sing” due for release later this year!

You can get your copy here:

 cd1d-logo     spotify

“The Sleeping Camp securities and Dusty Signal present ghostly atmospheres that will haunt future album Toulouse. With its misty and dreamlike songs, The Sleeping Camp returns to the world of gypsies and the magic. References can be found through the guitars and synthesizers on the heady title Dusty Signal. With this EP Al’Tarba invokes the ghosts who are awake on the future album. The new song “Hey Boys or ” n is a tribute to the collaboration initiated with live DJ Nix’On past year. Indeed it brings its scratches which have the effect of boosting the title and offered him a summer flavour. Al’Tarba but do not forget his first love , featuring the Dirt Platoon returns on a hip- hop and hardcore rough bases with flows that make violence. This EP also announced the release of two clips that are in the general spirit developed by Al’Tarba over 4 tracks”.

Really excited that this EP is here and I really can’t wait for the full album!

Peace! ~dhh