“Sex, Drugs, & David Mars” – A Brand New Album from David Mars!!!

David Mars

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far… here’s a little something to kick it into gear proper like.

“Sex, Drugs & David Mars” is the brand new and incredible album offering from Fill in the Breaks artist David Mars!! It’s entirely produced by Ecid and makes for some extremely lively, head nodding, vibrant album that you should definitely be playing right now!
You can grab yourself a copy for free right here:

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SMOKEY JOE & THE KID – The Game(Ep) – Out Now!!

Smokey Joe & the Kid

Word up People!

Hope you’re having a good week so far and we’re gonna share some good tunes with you to make it even better…

I recently had the honour of checking out the new EP from Banzai Lab production duo Smokey Joe & The Kid called “The Game” and all I can say is WOW!! This EP is an incredible blend of multiple instruments, percussion, scratches and on point lyricism making up one hell of an EP that you simply can’t miss.
“In this project, Smokey Joe, Bordeaux’s main musical mafia head, and The Kid aka “Senbeï,” cheeky Parisian master of Turntablism, transport us back in time to the gangster run streets of 1930’s Chicago. These two gangsters mix Hip Hop and Electro with the groove and melodies of early 20th century Swing. Percussion solos played with scratches ,beats and melodies banged out on the MPC, everything is performed live.
A year after their acclaimed first album « Nasty Tricks » (Banzaï Lab – 2013), the most wanted gangsters of the electro Hip-Hop scene are back with a new EP “The Game”, recorded between Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Smokey Joe & The Kid_Photo

Clearly Hip-Hop oriented, with samples still taken from traditional american music of early XXth century, Smokey Joe & The Kid took a trip to California to record 4 tracks, each powerful, captivating and overall, absolutely brilliant.

Smokey Joe & The Kid : « We wanted to step out of pure jazz and to get more into the roots of all modern music : the Blues. We drove a lot during our stay in California, and west American landscape fed our imaginary world, as much as the heat of Los Angeles’ streets.”

After collaborating on their first opus with Puppetmastaz, Lateef The Truthspeaker, or Youthstar (Chinese Man), the duo hired this time accomplices from the US West Coast : Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), NON Genetic (Shadowhuntaz) and The Procussions (Watch the making of the EP). Gift of Gab gives a conscious message on “Stay Awake” when NON tells all about his touring experiences “What goes on tour stays on tour” (Gifted Child). Finally, The Procussions end the EP with poetry on “Temptation”.

« The Game » is clearly in reference to the famous “Rap Game” of which they make a personal interpretation, finding there the game field of their old-fashioned megalomania.


Since 2013, Smokey Joe & The Kid work with the VJ Miss Chemar to deliver a unique A/V Show that mixes old school movies and original pictures of the duo. The strong interaction with the audience makes this a fun, original and incredibly dynamic show”!

You can listen to the first single “Stay Awake” ft. The Gift of Gab and purchase your copy right here:

Gift-of-Gab-1-300x199Gift of Gab (From Blackalicious)


The Procussions

Non-genetic-300x168NON Genetic

Also, be sure to check out the video for the making of “The Game” here:

I really enjoyed this EP and highly recommend getting a copy!

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Goldini Bagwell – Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut)

Pre-orders are now available for the new Goldini Bagwell of Sandpeople, Secondhand Smoke (The Extended Cut). Get yourself one of the smoke-themed merch packs and stream 2 songs from the album, out June 24th on Heaven Noise Recordings! ‪#‎SHS‬

Goldini Bagwell

Goldini Bagwell is an international man of mystery but he might share some some secrets if you are polite enough to put his Angels Bathwater™ on your tab. It’s been just over a year since the release of his debut album, Chainsmoke; an introduction…


peace cyde011

“Steroid Stereo(Orange Edition)” – New Album from Duke01 – Out Now!

Duke01 - Steroid stereo

Uk emcee Duke01 just dropped his brand new album on Steroid Stereo(Orange Edition) out now on Uncommon Records!!
You can grab yourself a copy here:

“Nottingham, U.K. and Staten Island, N.Y. have never felt so close. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean but re-united by a common language, the two have created Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition), the latest experimental, gritty, head-nodding offering from Uncommon Records. With lyrics by Duke01 and production by Uncommon Nasa, Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is the epitome of what listeners have come to expect from an Uncommon Records release—raw, complex beats and insightful, incisive lyrical flows. This album will remind you of the way hip hop felt 20 years ago while sounding like hip hop will 20 years in the future. Duke01’s no-nonsense, eardrum-thumping flows are accented by some of the fiercest cuts you will ever hear. Furious P, one of the UK’s most accomplished turntablists, blesses the tracks with scratches that would make Q-Bert proud. The overall sound of Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is an in-your-face, auditory assault by the special forces of Uncommon Nasa’s Orange Army. And you should expect nothing less from Uncommon Records. Steroid Stereo (Orange Edition) is the first album since Uncommon Records issued a decree that all of its future releases will be produced by Uncommon Nasa (he also mixed and mastered this album). Additionally, the release includes both the full tracks and instrumentals—something Uncommon Records will be doing on all future releases. The production feel is signature Uncommon Nasa, starting with “Killed Your Radio” which smacks you across the head with a banging, crisp, layered sound. On “The Pursuit of Cow Meat,” Uncommon Nasa flips a proto-punk beat and Duke01 drives the track with punishing lyrics. “Ellington Binary” has an apocalyptic feel, and Duke01 is definitely gonna get his before it all ends. And if you’re into lyricists, the posse cut is on another level—Duke01 is joined by Dwyzak, Masai Bey, Passive 65ive, Atari Blitzkrieg and Uncommon Nasa for a seven-minute opus that demonstrates for all what can really only be called the Uncommon Sound”.
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Sadistik – “Cult Leader” Official Music Video + New Album Announcement “ULTRAVIOLET” Out 7.1.14!


Check out the brand new music video for Sadistik’s “Cult Leader”!!

This track is from Sadistik’s third full length album, ULTRAVIOLET, drops July 1st, 2014 on Fake Four Inc. & features guest appearances from Tech N9ne, Eyedea, Sticky Fingaz of Onyx, Nacho Picasso, Sister Crayon & more.

We will be sure to keep you updated as and when the album becomes available.

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“Son Of A Gun” – A Brand New Album from Miggs – Out Now!

Miggs - Son of a Gun

Miggs just dropped a brand new album called “Son of a Gun” out now on Dope Sandwich Productions!! Download your copy for free right here:

“Son Of A Gun’ is FREE (name your price)
Download. Please tell a friend to tell a friend”!
 – Dope Sandwich 2014

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Petrified Minguz “Faulty Breaks” – Official Music Video Out Now!!

petrified minguz

Petrified Minguz just dropped this fresh new video for their track “Faulty Breaks” put together by Kolchak and the Media Pirates!!
Check it out here:

It’s taken from there most recent album “B​-​SIDES THE POINT” available for free download right here:

Petrified Minguz are Kiza Beats & Turtle Handz…
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BAMBU – WELCOME TO THE PARTY – Official Music Video Out Now!!!

BAmbu - party worker

Hot off the fresh…
Bambu just dropped this epic new music video for his track “Welcome to the Party”!!! Check it out here:

This is the official music video from Bambu’s upcoming full-length, people-powered album, Party Worker.
Please find out how you can get involved in the project here:

Be sure to stay in touch with Bambu at the following spaces:

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Swordplay & Pierre the motionless (live) – “Twice the first time (Saul Williams cover) – Brand New Video!!

SP & PtM - Cover

Check out this incredible video of Swordplay & Pierre the motionless performing Saul Williams’ track “Twice the first time”!!

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out their 2013 album “Tap Water”… This was also one of our Choices of 2013. Get your copy here:

For more information and to stay in touch with Swordplay & Pierre the motionless this is where to look:

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