“COUNTERFEIT DREAMS” – New Music Video from ECID + “PHEROMONE HEAVY” – New Album – Out Now!

“COUNTERFEIT DREAMS” is the latest music video from Minneapolis producer/emcee ECID! Check it out here:

This track is lifted from his epic new album “PHEROMONE HEAVY”!!!
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“Heavy Heart” – New Album from Fubar – Out Now!


Fubar recently dropped his incredible new album entitled “Heavy Heart”!
Get your copy here:

I was really taken back by this project and I’m sure too many people out there can relate. All round dynamic and heartfelt  production cross delivery definitely makes this one you don’t wanna miss… get it.

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“Rice Torture” – New Music Video from The Four Owls – Out Now!

‘Rice Torture’ is the new video offering from UK hiphop crew The Four Owls lifted from their new album ‘Natural Order’ OUT NOW!
Check it out here:

The album is produced by Leaf Dog with guest production from DJ Premier and features the likes of Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Smellington Piff & DJ Sammy B-Side… Get your copy in various formats here:
BUY ‘NATURAL ORDER’ ON CD: http://bit.ly/1vZs8zZ
BUY ‘NATURAL ORDER’ ON iTUNES: http://bit.ly/1J20klF

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The Four Owls on Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/TheFourOwls
The Four Owls on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TheFourOwls

High Focus Website: http://www.high-focus.com

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“Wermonster – Solar Tales EP” review by Apocolypse

Wermonster - Solar Tales EP

Ok, so check it out. This time I’ve had the privilege of reviewing “Wermonster – Solar Tales EP” ahead of its 19th May 2015 release. I reiterate, I love what I do.

This is my first “taste” of Wermonster (that I know of), and when the peeps from DoHipHop.com asked me if I’d like to review it, I was like, “Hells Yeah!”. This EP, & Wermonster by extension, is all about the beats, aka he is a producer and not a vocal artist. Wermonster was born in France but has dwelled in the German streets of Berlin since 2008.

This is Wermonster’s second release with the Australian based label – Uncomfortable Beats. This EP features four tracks, 1. Discovery, 2. Future – feat. Melody Myia, 3. She Speaks Backwards and last but not least 4. Elephants. The EP’s duration is just less than 17 min, and as an avid Hip Hop listener, I’m discouraged by the short time span because this is definitely one of those EP’s you wished had more! (In a good sense nah mean)

In my opinion, the first track is titled perfectly, the amalgamation of sounds he (Wermonster) brings through, leaves the listener frantically grasping to categorize the direction he is headed, as the beat progresses, you find yourself forgetting whatever preconceived notion you where searching for and just letting the beat carry you away on your own personal “Discovery”. Wermonster uses sounds that could naturally be seen as dissonant or musical chaos, but brings it together in a well-orchestrated harmony, which in turn lets it relate to whatever situations are pertinent in your mind at the moment, musically or life related respectively. So I mentioned I was interested before but now I’m intrigued.

The second track – “Future” which features Melody Mia has a more direct and simple sound, which creates a thought provoking intention for the listeners to question their own future. Melody Mia’s vocals create a hypnotizing element that just draws you deeper into the song, to try to elaborate on what I mean, I feel as if she’s Alice and I just joined her and the Mad Hatter (Wermonster) down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

“She Speaks Backwards” is one of those awkward tracks that I’m not sure if it’s too forced or harmonically conflicted, or if it’s stretching the boundaries of conventional music and how the majority understands it. It could be complete insanity, or pure genius. At first I felt like he missed the mark on this one but the more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it. Either way, you would have to decide if it fits in your realm of what you consider musically acceptable.

Damn…. I’m on the final track already, “Elephant”. As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely one of those instances where I’m expecting more because I feel like I just entered the alternate universe known as Wermonster, and all of a sudden I’m being pulled from my astral projection and brought back to reality. As the beat commences, you feel the African rhythm he introduces which is accompanied by spacey choir vocals, then he drops the electronic melody that’s drives the track into a powerful space, compelling me to bop along with intent. The soft piano key outro of the track, softly brings you back to the world with a sense of appreciation and contentment, like waking up on a Saturday morning with a smile after an awesome dream and knowing you don’t have to go to work .

Wermonster could be classed across multiple genres in a single track, let alone multiple tracks on the EP. I give “Solar Tales” 2.5/5 punchlines. He’s not trying to conform, he’s not trying to appeal to the masses, he’s merely expressing his world and thoughts through his art… Music!

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Solar Tales EP teaser video:


2.5Mr. A

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“The Embodyment Ep.” – New Album from Black Tokyo – Out Now!

Black Tokjyo - The Ebodiment EP

Fresh new EP from Black Tokyo called “The Embodyment”!!
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“KEEP MOVIN’ ” – Debut Official Music Video from Black Other Featuring. And Is Phi – Out Now!!

Check out the incredible new and debut official music video for UK group Black Other Ft. And Is Phi for their track “Keep Movin’ “!!

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“Silence’s Slight” – New Music Video from Asphate + “Closed Doors To An Open Mind” – New Album – Out Now!

Fresh new video from Asphate for his track “Silence’s Slight”!!
Check it out here:

lifted from his new album “Closed Doors To An Open Mind” produced entirely by Maker and available via Galapagos4 here:

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Pure Dopeness vol​.​15 – New Album from Sinoptic International – Out Now!

Sinoptic Int - PD V15

Sinoptic International recently drop their slick new compilation album, Pure Dopeness vol​.​15!
You can purchase your self a copy here:

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” Walkin’ ” – New Music Video from Kevbot of Introverts – Out Now!

Kevbot of The Introverts recently dropped his music video for his track “Walkin’ ” Produced by Breve!
Check it out here:

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“Vapor Cave” – New Album from Ill Clinton – Out Now!

Ill Clinton - Vapor Cave

Check out “Vapor Cave”, the fresh new album from Ill Clinton!
Get your copy here:

This is a follow up and next episode to his 2014 epic A M B A P!
“Its 2045, as the Earth is overcome with waste and pollution, it becomes less inhabitable for the human race. You find yourself in your spacecraft heading towards galactic realms, in search of life”…

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