“Grand Theft Audio Volume 3” – New Album from SCVTTERBRVIN – Out Now!

Scatterbrain - GTAV3

Scatter Brain (also known as Masters of the Universe producer Infinity Gauntlet) of Red Lotus Klan returns with the third installment of his epic “Grand Theft Audio” series!
Pick up your copy right here:

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Enjoy! ~ dhh

“Oh no no no no no no (oh no)” – New Official Music Video from Dust Collector – Out Now!

Hip hop artist, Dust Collector of San Francisco recently dropped this really slick official music video for his track “Oh no no no no no no (oh no)”!!!
Check it out here:

It’s lifted from his latest album “Panning For Gold: Excerpts From The Depths, Winter 2012-2013” available to steam in its entirety right here:

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“DJ Hamma Presents – Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2” – New Project from Slege Lee + “Hold It Down” – New Official Music Video – Out Now!

Slege Lee - Dusty Crates Vol2

The 2014/15 “End Of The Weak, MC Challenge World Champion, Slege Lee recently featured exclusively on the all new and incredible new DJ Hamma project called “Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2” produced by St Gallen, with beats by Switzerland based producer, Thedawn!
Be sure to grab yourself a copy right here:

also out, is the fresh new video for the track “Hold it Down” lifted from the project:

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shhh… Don’t Make Noise; See “NOISE”. – Graffiti Feature by Immaculate Mentality

canvas 2 london

Yo fellow heads!

I’m hoping everyone has had a dope weekend and will be having a great week ahead. Let me be the first to kick it off for you by bringing something special.
This week I have decided to do a review on a graffiti artist who goes by the alias of NOISE!
canvas 1 london
Noise is a South African born graffiti writer who started out at the age of 15 And has had other aliases such as Detz and Auth, he first started out with a crew called P.A ( Personal Assassins) which comprised of artists such as Tombz, Pres and Trips; a crew which later became M.H.C. the “Most Hated Cartel” as they expanded their horizons and which he now feels is his real crew.
edgware road 1 london
Yet subsequent to that he considered himself a solo vandal and is now going the international route already having formed a few good bonds with crews from abroad.
edgware road 2 london
In the beginning writers such as Mac1, Falco and Gogga played a big role in his development as he originates from Cape Town in South Africa.
leak street 4 london
After moving to the city of Johannesburg, South African crews like YMB and White Trash played a part in being influential to him. then later on PCP was also very influential.
leakstreet 1 london (1)
Noise has had the opportunity of painting with many writers in South Africa and abroad, trust when I tell you that the list is endless, He is not the type to drop names, so we’ll just leave it at that. ;-)
leakstreet 2 london
Not having much internet access growing up, foreign influences only came much later in his career and the few copies of “Graphotism” that were passed around really shaped the way he then thought painting should be done.
leakstreet 3 london
As all writers he began with a basic tag and went on from there…
leakstreet 5 london
Enjoying those Fat dripping markers that a lot of us still love to this day, not to mention putting stickers up and going as big as he could with the PVA (primer), and then leaving us with some big ass block busters! From there he took it to the good old black and chrome missions late at night, or during broad daylight…whatever’s clever right?

As he kept progressing he later went to full-colour pieces where that was just another one of the many ways he could experience as many different styles as possible to mold him into the very versatile writer he is today.
leakstreet 8 london
Travelling has become a must in his world so he can now collect as many pictures of his pieces in as many countries around the globe as possible as well as being able to paint with the writers from around the world and learn new styles, tricks and new ways of perfecting his own style.
london bedroom 1
Noise quotes: “I will always make it known I am from South Africa and feel the culture is very strong at home as well as our writers”.

SA bedroom 2
Noise quotes again: “GRAFFITI SAVED MY LIFE”!!!
SA bedroom1
He has always had a passion not only for graffiti but hip hop as a whole, although graffiti is his forte.
tottenham 1 london
So, without anything further to say but plenty to look at please take some time to appreciate one of S.A’s very talented artists.
leakstreet 6 london

So my friend’s, fellow heads, boom bap, riff raff, hip hop culture loving people; there is art in everything and everywhere in life… just keep your eyes and ears open and see what you can see… know what i mean?
leakstreet 7 london

That’s it from me for this week.


“DECLARATION” – New Music Video from THE UNDERGRIND + “World Renown” – New ALbum Out Now!

Check out the fresh new video from The Undergrind for their track “DECLARATION”!

Lifted from their brand new album “World Renown” out now and available here:
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Peace! ~dhh

“Man Plans God Laughs” – The New Album from Public Enemy – Out Now!

PE - Man Plans God Laughs
We all tend to have our favourites and for me Public Enemy’s “Man Plans God Laughs” album is hands down my pick of the bunch from all that I’ve heard this year! It’s truly the perfect amalgamation of rhythm’s culminating severe mastery that I feel anyone who appreciates hiphop culture will gel with… head nodding for days, and when those days are over; back to begin for another spin.
So yeah, I’m completely taken back by this album and everything it entails and simply cannot recommend it enough! Get your copy here:

This is the Official Music Video for the self titled lead single from the album:

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rapstation.com rcsmusic.com hdqtrz.com slamjamz.com www.pgriff.info

Enjoy! ~dhh

“Doctor” – Official Music Video from Flawless Real Talk!!

I know it’s not from2015 but this is a track that needs to be shared!
Check out this incredible video for Flawless Real Talk’s track “Doctor”:

Lifted from his latest project, “Ri Invasion” available right here:

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Peace! ~dhh

Sin – “Rising” – Review by Immaculate Mentality

Yo, fellow heads! What’s cracking? Well… let me tell you what’s cracking!

I am Immaculate Mentality. i have been doing hip-hop for 14 years now, i have  vast knowledge and understanding of our culture and as such i have taken the opportunity offered to me by do hiphop to author some posts whereby i will be doing reviews on the various elements of the hip hop culture. So you can expect good things to come.

So lets get this started. ……..Today I was going through my e-mails and came across a submission for review, so obviously I decided to take a listen to what was being offered to our ears.

I am very picky as to what I think is worth listening to or not, sometimes I get bored very quickly, as a lot of us do, right? So it takes a lot to get me to say what I’m saying but I was very intrigued by what Sin had to share with us.

Take some time to kick back and check out his new music video for his track “save me” lifted off the album.

Sin or Sin404 is from Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A, Sin has a unique flow that matches perfectly with the style of beats that he’s using that I also find quite interesting because of the captivating sounds of the classical vibe hip hop we all know and love to the dub step sounding synths mixed and mashed all together.

All in all I would say this album is versatile where it comes to the whole “fusion” style that we get from the beats and from what his flow sounds like with the message that is in his lyrics.

From the first track all the way through to the last track I enjoyed this album; rising is definitely worth giving a listen to; especially, if you want something different for a change.

Get your copy here:

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I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.
Until next time

◘ “Immaculate Mentality” ◘

“The Birds” – New Music Video from Cult Cyph + “Bushido Blades & Blunt Guts” – Debut Album Out Now!

Check out the slick new music video from Cult Cyph for his track “The Birds” produced by Dope Knife!

Lifted from Cult Cyph’s debut LP ‘Bushido Blades & Blunt Guts’. The album is produced entirely by Dope KNife, with features from him and Miggs Son Daddy.
Get your copy here:

For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
website: http://dopesandwich.com
Cult Cyph on Facebook – http://facebook.com/cultcyphemusic
Dope KNife Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knifeisdope

Peace! ~dhh

“Famous Future Time Travel” – New Album + Music Video from Myka 9 and Factor – Out Now!

mk9 Fac - Famous Fut TT

“Famous Future Time Travel” is Myka 9 & Factor’s latest collaboration and debut UBRNET release! This could just be the duo’s best work yet, with a banging and fresh West Coast hip hop feel. This hip hop duo’s last joint-effort, on the critically acclaimed album Sovereign Soul, hit #1 on the CMJ Charts…
Get your copy right here, right now:

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Enjoy! dhh