“Rubies & Rust” – New Album from Marjen – Out Now!

Marjen - Rubies and Rust

Sometimes I have the honour of crossing paths something uniquely special and I’m very pleased to say that this is one of those times…
“Rubies & Rust” is New Album from Saskatoon producer Marjen and I can highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy via HELLO.L.A. right here:

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Enjoy! ~dhh

“Vapor Cave” – New Album from Ill Clinton – Out Now!

Ill Clinton - Vapor Cave

Check out “Vapor Cave”, the fresh new album from Ill Clinton!
Get your copy here:

This is a follow up and next episode to his 2014 epic A M B A P!
“Its 2045, as the Earth is overcome with waste and pollution, it becomes less inhabitable for the human race. You find yourself in your spacecraft heading towards galactic realms, in search of life”…

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Peace! ~dhh

“Skwadzilla” – New Album from TAMEONE – Out Now!

“Skwadzilla” is an album made up of rare gem demo recordings from TAMEONE’s stash!  Be sure to get your hands on this one right here:

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Peace! ~dhh

“Smashed Rats” – New Album from Sludge Factorie – Out Now!

Sludge Factorie - Smashed Rats ep

“Smashed Rats” is the new album from Chicago hiphop duo Sludge Factorie (Morbidly-O-Beats &, V8 TFD)!

Get your copy via Hello.L.A. here:

Also be sure to check out the very cool limited physical packages here:

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“Crate Diggers” ft Otarel – New Music Video from DJ Q1 – Out Now!

“Crate Diggers” is the all new music video from DJ Q1… It’s a follow-up to his first single “Vinyl Destination” & written as a special tribute to his fellow crate diggers featuring Durban based battle emcee Otarel a.k.a Ojin Rummy!
Check it out here:

This track is lifted from Q1’s upcoming vinyl record #AnalogJunkiesEP

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Peace! ~dhh

“Fuck the Police” – New Routine Video from The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester) – Out Now!

“Fuck the Police” is a new routine from Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester’s The Extremities!!
Check it out here:

If you haven’t already check out their 2014 album “Instruments”, available here:

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Peace! ~dhh

“Alaska – Alkast” Review by Apocolypse

Listening to this EP was my first time ever listening to Alaska, and as far as introductions go this is one smooth joint.

Well at least I thought it was my first time until I heard his voice, it sounded so familiar and after a bit of thinking and trying to not think, it clicked he was one of the members from Atoms Family (Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh).

From start to finish the beats take you on melodic trip that is accompanied  with thought provoking flows and I can’t help but bop my head up and down the whole way through. It feels to me that as I listen I’m almost transported through different facets or departments of indie hip hop styles. Musically the beats are upbeat while a serious undertone is carried through by Alaska and all the feature’s lyrics.

This album features the likes of Zilla Rocca on “Return Of The Angst”, Curly Castro on ” Taking a Day”, Elsphinx on “Killers” and Randon Bowerman on “The End”. All in all, these artists have made one dope EP. I give this EP a rating of 3.5/5 Punchlines (Punchlines being my rating scale).

My favourite track is the last track, “The End”, this was the perfect way to round off a solid EP, and left my mouth watering for just a lil but more… But alas, Alaska, I look forward to your next release! I encourage all indie heads to download this and give it a listen.

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Mr. A
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“Cold War Era” – New Album from Uncommon Nasa – Out Now!!

Uncommon Nasa - Cold War Era

Extremely fresh new instrumental cassette tape from Uncommon Nasa out now on I had An Accident Records… Really loved this on myself and I think you will too!
Get your copy here:

“Cold War Era is a collection of highly experimental instrumentals that combine 80’s era 8-Bit Synthesizers with Jazz and World Music. It’s a chaotic soundtrack for a chaotic war that began with the USSR’s invasion and ended with the USA’s abandonment of Afghanistan. Limited to 150 “jelly green” cassettes”.

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Enjoy! ~dhh

“Unearthed Volume 2 & 3” – New Album from Mr. Dibbs – Out Now!

Mr Dibbs - Unearthed Vol2 & 3

New one from the one and only Mr. Dibbs that I feel will be of particular interest to DJ’s!!
Get your copy here:

Used and abused by the best in the biz like DJ Craze, DJ Klever, Sage Francis, QBert and Mix Master Mike. Who BTW used Unearthed 2 with the Beastie Boys on ‘Three MC’s and one DJ’ just sayin.. so y’know, if its good enough for them…you do the math. It’s the best of my breaks, beats and scratch sentences that have been out of print for 15 years.. It’s not just for DJ battles, it’s a kickass production tool. ~ Mr. Dibbs

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Enjoy! ~dhh

“Down To Earth Vol. 2” (The Standard Bap Edition) – Music Video from Ras G – Out Now!

Music Video for two tracks “Love and Peace” & “Polo Jacket & Dashiki” from Ras G’s album “Down To Earth Vol. 2 (The Standard Bap Edition)” on Leaving Records!
Check it out here:

It’s distributed by Stones Throw Records and available for purchase here:

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