“COUNTERFEIT DREAMS” – New Music Video from ECID + “PHEROMONE HEAVY” – New Album – Out Now!

“COUNTERFEIT DREAMS” is the latest music video from Minneapolis producer/emcee ECID! Check it out here:

This track is lifted from his epic new album “PHEROMONE HEAVY”!!!
We highly recommend purchasing yourself a copy here if you haven’t already done so:

there are also some really cool physical packages available here too:

For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:

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“FLASH FLOOD” – Debut Music Video from F I X – Out Now!

“Flash Flood” is the debut single and Music from F I X, a hiphop collective consisting of Kill The Vultures, No Bird Sing and Kristoff Krane.  Check it out:

More info about F I X : www.ftoitox.com

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“Survival Of The Fittest” – Kristoff Krane, Batman Da Kyd, Lt. Sunnie, Peoplez, Scola Se7en – New Track Out Now!

Survival of the Fittest

Check out the severe freshness that is “Survival Of The Fittest”;
Kristoff Krane, Batman Da Kyd, Lt. Sunnie, Peoplez, Scola Se7en!!!
Really loving this track… Give it a listen:

Here’s a little more info:
“Kristoff Krane and Carnage The Executioner have joined forces to feature the talent of young up and coming collective of artists called, LSe7en & Jets Gang Music. 
Jets Gang Music is a collective of young artists focused on spreading the arts via mentorship, team work and equal opportunity. 
LSe7en is a collective of youth who have identified the struggle and learned how to cope by following their dreams through collaborative community efforts. They state, “Its hard to be positive when you’ve seen negative all your life. We’re all trying to find our own way out the struggle, the oppression. We are here to do just that in a positive way and help others do the same. We are…The Last 7eft. A movement for the people. ” 
Both collectives found their roots while participating in an art program based out of Youthlink, called Kulture Klub, where they have access to studio resources and mentor-ship. 
Carnage The Executioner is known around the world for his on-the-fly beat box looping as the back drop for his intense lyrical onslaught. He’s been a staple on the Minneapolis Hip-Hop scene for 15+ years.
Kristoff Krane, most widely known for his freestyling chops and affiliation with Rhymesayer’s free jazz – rap act, “Face Candy”, became a member of the group after being introduced to Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen by Carnage, who was already in the band and close friends with Micheal”.

And if you’re in the area; this is the official Facebook event:

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Kristoff Krane – Escape (Feat. Ms. Lady Finch) [Official Video HD]


Check this amazing new video from Kristoff Krane for his song “Escape” from the 2008 album “This Will Work for Now”:

Video By: Elliot Malcolm \\ dharmaHYPE Contact: dharmahype@gmail.com
Editing by: dharmaHYPE & chris keller

“Background: The night before the shoot, Kristoff found a wounded yellow finch (female), who him and his wife cared for over night. Krane decided to drop the bird of in the morning on the way to picking up Elliot (director) for the video shoot, but the Minnesota Rehabilitation Center For Animals wasn’t yet open, so the bird (who Krane named, Ms. Lady Finch) joined the shoot. She sang all the way through and into the Rehabilitation Center. Krane had a memory as he was walking her about when he was young, with a BB gun, standing next to his grandpa. He seen a bird, looked up, pointed and shot. While his finger gently pulled back on the trigger, is gpa said, “Christopher No!!!” but it was too late, Chris had shot the bird. After feeling confused he looked over at his gpa and his grandpa said, “that dissapoints me christopher, you just shot and killed a yellow finch song bird”. I guess it came full circle to let me know I can let it go now, cuz I’ve felt bad about that ever since I was young. Funny how nature works out and how animals teach us so many valuable lessons and connect our lives so clearly”.

You can purchase the full album right here:

For more information on Kristoff Krane you can check him out here:

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Kristoff Krane’s Mixxy Leak of The Week: “Ritual” from the Mixed Blood Majority self-titled release – Free Download!

Mixxy 4

Kristoff Krane just leaked a track from “Mixxy 4”; the last installment of the “MIxxy Collection”! He’s been leaking a track a week since March and we hope it never ends.

The track is called “Ritual” Off of MIXED BLOOD MAJORITY’S self titled release available here: ftoitox.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-blood-majority-2

Check it out!

Mixxy 1-3 is available for FREE download via bandcamp and you can also purchase most of his music from the same page or from the F to I to X label.

This is one artist we really think you should be listening to and we for one can’t get enough of his music!

Peace! ~ dhh