“Wermonster – Solar Tales EP” review by Apocolypse

Wermonster - Solar Tales EP

Ok, so check it out. This time I’ve had the privilege of reviewing “Wermonster – Solar Tales EP” ahead of its 19th May 2015 release. I reiterate, I love what I do.

This is my first “taste” of Wermonster (that I know of), and when the peeps from DoHipHop.com asked me if I’d like to review it, I was like, “Hells Yeah!”. This EP, & Wermonster by extension, is all about the beats, aka he is a producer and not a vocal artist. Wermonster was born in France but has dwelled in the German streets of Berlin since 2008.

This is Wermonster’s second release with the Australian based label – Uncomfortable Beats. This EP features four tracks, 1. Discovery, 2. Future – feat. Melody Myia, 3. She Speaks Backwards and last but not least 4. Elephants. The EP’s duration is just less than 17 min, and as an avid Hip Hop listener, I’m discouraged by the short time span because this is definitely one of those EP’s you wished had more! (In a good sense nah mean)

In my opinion, the first track is titled perfectly, the amalgamation of sounds he (Wermonster) brings through, leaves the listener frantically grasping to categorize the direction he is headed, as the beat progresses, you find yourself forgetting whatever preconceived notion you where searching for and just letting the beat carry you away on your own personal “Discovery”. Wermonster uses sounds that could naturally be seen as dissonant or musical chaos, but brings it together in a well-orchestrated harmony, which in turn lets it relate to whatever situations are pertinent in your mind at the moment, musically or life related respectively. So I mentioned I was interested before but now I’m intrigued.

The second track – “Future” which features Melody Mia has a more direct and simple sound, which creates a thought provoking intention for the listeners to question their own future. Melody Mia’s vocals create a hypnotizing element that just draws you deeper into the song, to try to elaborate on what I mean, I feel as if she’s Alice and I just joined her and the Mad Hatter (Wermonster) down the rabbit hole into Wonderland.

“She Speaks Backwards” is one of those awkward tracks that I’m not sure if it’s too forced or harmonically conflicted, or if it’s stretching the boundaries of conventional music and how the majority understands it. It could be complete insanity, or pure genius. At first I felt like he missed the mark on this one but the more I listen to it, the more I appreciate it. Either way, you would have to decide if it fits in your realm of what you consider musically acceptable.

Damn…. I’m on the final track already, “Elephant”. As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely one of those instances where I’m expecting more because I feel like I just entered the alternate universe known as Wermonster, and all of a sudden I’m being pulled from my astral projection and brought back to reality. As the beat commences, you feel the African rhythm he introduces which is accompanied by spacey choir vocals, then he drops the electronic melody that’s drives the track into a powerful space, compelling me to bop along with intent. The soft piano key outro of the track, softly brings you back to the world with a sense of appreciation and contentment, like waking up on a Saturday morning with a smile after an awesome dream and knowing you don’t have to go to work .

Wermonster could be classed across multiple genres in a single track, let alone multiple tracks on the EP. I give “Solar Tales” 2.5/5 punchlines. He’s not trying to conform, he’s not trying to appeal to the masses, he’s merely expressing his world and thoughts through his art… Music!

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Solar Tales EP teaser video:


2.5Mr. A

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“Addicted” – New Mixtape from Hemingway – Out Now!

Hemmingway - Addicted

“Addicted” is an all new mixtape from Hemingway!!
Get your copy here:

For more information about Hemingway and his works, check out:

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Undercooked Beats – The Marc Handler Interview

mainProfile_smRarely do you find a musician so humble and skilled as Cape Town based emcee and producer, Marc Handler. Having grown up in two opposite ends of the planet he brings a unique flow and sense of style to SA with some LA underground flair. New to the scene he is progressing rapidly and doesn’t seem to be holding back, even if he is using a ‘vintage’ laptop, his trusty Akai MPK49 does a lot more than simply compensate. We sat down with Marc at his hometown lair in SeaPoint, to understand a little more behind the scenes and drink beer over a beat or two.

Denton: To kick this off tell us how you got into making beats and how long have you been producing?

Marc: I have been producing for probably about a yeah and half now. And I think I’ve always had music in me, like I’ve always had melodies playing in my head all day. I think it was always needed that I make beats, that I do something with it. I played guitar, and bass a bit and drums and this and that and I was in a band when I was younger, and I was really into a lot of punk music and you know growing up in LA there’s so much musical influence.

D: So what kind of influences outside of HipHop would you say fuel your passion for music at the moment?

M: I think just melody in general, and I can’t classify that to any kind of music. I really like the way HipHop borrows from every kind of genre and its constantly evolving which is exciting. HipHop has the potential to take from every genre and not just be a certain tempo, and its just going to grow and evolve and really its exciting like that. But I think all genres inspired me in some way or another like old Rock, Punk Rock, Jazz, some R&B; any great artist. Its not about the genre its about the individual.

D: You seem to have a very signature styled approach to your process, often making a solid beat in one sitting and swiftly moving onto the next, is there any reasoning behind this?

M: I’m very much inspiration based. I’ll sit down and get in a bit of a zone and put one melody down and try put another melody on top of it that’ll sound really good and some drums, and I’m always excited for the newness. I love 90s HipHop but I always want to hear whats new and whats current, and whats pushing the boundaries, or like what sounds really good and its coming from 17 / 18 / 19 year olds. So for me with music I kinda have a short attention span, which is a good and a bad thing. We all have the shortest attention span these days, its all about the little 30 second sound-bites and I think thats applied to music. I listen to something for 10 / 20 seconds and I’ll kinda know whether I like it or not. And sometimes I’ll be wrong. Sometimes if I give it another listen I will learn to like it and appreciate it for what it is. So I think the same applies for my music, I’m either feeling it or I’m not. And I might feel it for 4 or 5 hours and feel that its somewhat finished and then not really want to touch it again. And even though at another listening, I’ll be like ‘I could do this or I could do that’, the next time I sit down and do something I’d rather just start fresh and create something new.

D: The local scene seems very isolated and distant from whats happening out in Europe and the States – whats your take on this, and do you see it changing anytime soon?

M: This is a difficult question. I think because I lived half my life in LA and half my life here, but I grew up in LA I come from a different perceiving point. I think SA’s got so much potential talent and a lot of it doesn’t come to the surface because of economic problems, people don’t have the money to advance their talent and then certain people do have the money, and maybe their talent is not as good or whatever the case is, but I think there is huge potential and its only going to grow in SA and I think its going to get bigger and bigger.

D: Are there any local artists you would be down to collaborate with?

M: The one track I made with Petit Noir who is already doing his own thing, and is already pretty recognised overseas and plays huge concerts and festivals in the States. And he’s really got his own style, and when I have worked with him its been really awesome. Theres a guy Sol Pros who lives in my neighbourhood who really got me on the beat making tip, like I always wanted to do it, but he kinda gave me a half hour of his time to show me how to start if off. He’s been doing stuff for a while, he makes really cool shit.

D: Your beats have a very sombre and cool vibe too them, borderline melancholic – is there a particularly mood you want your listeners to feel or is it something deeper you expressing?

M: Its not necessarily about the emotion or particular mood, everybody is open to their own perception based on how they’re feeling at the time. For me its all about beauty, creating something beautiful and I think thats what all art is. Thats what artists are out here to do, to create beauty in this world. So for me its really about the melody. I don’t start a song and go for a particular theme or emotion, I maybe subconsciously do depending on my mood, but its really just about creating something thats really beautiful, just really good to the ear, and hooks you in. I like things that are catchy, but catchy maybe in a melancholic way or maybe in an emotional way, but I’m not trying to create any particular emotion, just trying to make something that will make you feel. And I think beautiful art makes people feel.

D: So are there any future projects in the pipelines?

M: Just to really keep making music. Should be doing more stuff with Petit Noir and I got couple friends in the States that Ive worked on stuff with. Definitely collaborations are on the table.

D: Peace



“A Suite For Souled People” – Brand New E.P. from Willie Green – Out Now!!

Willie Green - A Suite for Souled People

New York producer Willie Green just dropped his new E.P. called “A Suite For Souled People” focusing on and around the tragic events that happened in Ferguson, Missouri recently. It features Elucid, Curly Castro, and billy woods and is in our opinion, simply incredible. The powerful and emotive messages, and awe-inspiring production makes this a must have Project in 2014…
You can get your copy for free download right here:

“The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri (as well as Staten Island, Beavercreek, Ohio, and Los Angeles) have lifted a veil of comfortable ignorance across this country. The murder of Michael Brown, resultant cover up and egregious treatment of protesters has shown that the perception of Black people in America has changed little since the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. Americans live in a country where the oppressed are dehumanized and told to be quiet and gracious about their anger; and where the oppressors are harbored by our government and rewarded by our peers. Where the media warps facts to prove agendas against citizens and digital voices rush to play devil’s advocate to conceal their own bias. These are terrifying statements and not exaggerations. I’m no revolutionary. But I am someone who wants to look his children in the eyes and say when his country showed its worst, he did something”. – Paul “Willie Green” Womack, Sept. 15th, 2014

For more information and to stay in touch with Willie Green, check out:

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“End of an Error” – New EP from Falside – Out Now!

Falside - End of an Error

Falside just dropped his awesome new Instrumental EP called “End of an Error” and it’s available for free download right here:

For more information and to stay in touch with Falside, you can follow him here:

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“Headphone Concerto” – New Album from Amp Live – Out Now!

AMP LIVE - Headphone Conceto

Amp Live recently dropped his epic new full legnth “Headphone Concerto” and true to the name, it is just that and so much more…
You can grab yourself a copy in various different formats right here:
AMP LIVE - Headphone Conceto Coverhttp://www.amplivesworld.com/

This album is a true syphonic journey of epic propotions and features the likes of The Grouch & Eligh,  Planet Asia, Dirty Cello & more!
Go get it..

All info about AMP Live is listed on his website:

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Al’Tarba’s – “Just Like Ants” – Official Music Video Out Now!!

Al'Tarba - Just Like Ants

Al’Tarba just dropped this incredibly fresh new video for his track “Just Like Ants”!!! Check it out here:

This track is lifted from his upcoming album “Let the Ghost’s Sing” due to drop in October 2014, so best be on the lookout for that!!!

for more information and to stay in touch with Al’Tarba, check him out here:

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TOBACCO “Streaker” Official Music Video + New Album Pre-Orders Available Now!!

Tobacco - Ultima II Massage

Word people…

I happened to come across this incredible, somewhat scary music video for Tobacco’s track “Streaker”!!! Check it out:

This is track is from Tobacco’s new project “Ultima II Massage” due out a little later this month… however, the 2 most limited formats are already sold out!
You can Pre-order the project here:

Also, e sure to stay in touch with Tobacco here:

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Al’Tarba – “The Sleeping Camp” Official Video + New E.P. OUT NOW!

ATB the sleeping camp

Al’Tarba just dropped this awesome new Video for his title track and EP “The Sleeping Camp”… Check it out here!!

As a turning point in a search for sounds with darker moods, this new EP is the introduction of his new album “Let the Ghosts Sing” due for release later this year!

You can get your copy here:

 cd1d-logo     spotify

“The Sleeping Camp securities and Dusty Signal present ghostly atmospheres that will haunt future album Toulouse. With its misty and dreamlike songs, The Sleeping Camp returns to the world of gypsies and the magic. References can be found through the guitars and synthesizers on the heady title Dusty Signal. With this EP Al’Tarba invokes the ghosts who are awake on the future album. The new song “Hey Boys or ” n is a tribute to the collaboration initiated with live DJ Nix’On past year. Indeed it brings its scratches which have the effect of boosting the title and offered him a summer flavour. Al’Tarba but do not forget his first love , featuring the Dirt Platoon returns on a hip- hop and hardcore rough bases with flows that make violence. This EP also announced the release of two clips that are in the general spirit developed by Al’Tarba over 4 tracks”.

Really excited that this EP is here and I really can’t wait for the full album!

Peace! ~dhh


Grand Opus (Joc Scholar x Centric) • ‘Forever’ (Music Video) – Out Now!!

grand opus

How bout something fresh to kick your weekend into gear?…
Well, here you go!! “Forever” is the debut single from the California bred, hip hop duo Grand Opus, made up of Joc Scholar (emcee) & Centric (producer). Check it out here:

“In the vein of Pete Rock & C.L SmoothReflection Eternal, Gang Starr and other legendary hip-hop MC/Producer duos, Grand Opus is a newly formed California based group, and the nostalgia-inducing ‘Forever’ is their introduction single. Joc Scholar, MC from Fresno and Bay-Area producer Centric (Sean Price, Kool G Rap, Rapper Big Pooh, Wordsmith), join forces to create a timeless offering, letting listeners know that hip-hop is very much alive on the West Coast”.

You can grab yourself a copy of the track here:
ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/for…
AMAZON: http://www.amazon.com/Forever-Grand-O…

and stay in touch here:
FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/grandopus
Twitter: @Centric510 @JocScholar

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