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Sapient Light tiger

Sapient’s “Light Tiger” – New Album Pre-Orders Available Now!

Sapient just announced the second volume in the Eaters legacy, “Light Tiger”!!
Check it out here:

You can Pre-Order the album here – http://goo.gl/tSxKYe

For more info and to stay in touch with Sapient this is where to look:
Twitter & Instagram – @Sapientkills

Enjoy! ~ dhh

crossthatroad JM

Josh Martinez’ “Cross That Road” – Music Video Out Now!!!

Josh Martinez and Camobear Records also just released the second video from Josh Martinez’ epic new album Blotto!!! “Cross that Road” is a song about coming to the fork in the road and having to choose your path and deal with the consequences. Its also about the battle for fame and name recognition that forces artists to focus on commercial routes to stardom and the price your pay for that path. It’s really fresh and you can check it out here:

Directed by Sapient and Ife, hereby known as the Ghosts of Aurelius, this video features co-production from Stuey Kubrick and Sapient.

You can also grab yourself a copy of Blotto right here:

For more info on Josh Martinez these are the spaces:

Peace! ~ dhh


Sapient Flipping Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” – Video!!

Really enjoyed this one and thought you might too!
Check out this video of Sapient flipping Macklemore‘s song “Thrift Shop” and then spitting a little free verse at the end..

For more information or to follow Sapient these are the spaces:
Twitter @Sapientkills
Instagram @Sapientkills

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blotto out soon

“Blotto” The brand new album by Josh Martinez – Pre-Orders available now: Street Date 19 November 2013

The one and only Josh Martinez has a brand new album coming out on the 19th of November and the Pre-Order packages have just been announced!!

Be sure to take a look at all the packages and find on that suites you just right:

I for one, simply can’t wait to hear it and am counting down the hours till release date!!

“Honest, human and often hilarious is Blotto. Co-produced by legendary director and producer, Stuey Kubrick, and songwriting savant, Sapient, Blotto features guest appearances from Ceschi, Stevie Ross, Sapient and Evil Ebenezer. Martinez is no motivational speaker, instead he takes a documentary crew into his most private thoughts as he is seduced by fame and destroyed by the loves he has to leave for the road”.

To stay in touch; these are the spaces:

Peace! ~ dhh