“Oh no no no no no no (oh no)” – New Official Music Video from Dust Collector – Out Now!

Hip hop artist, Dust Collector of San Francisco recently dropped this really slick official music video for his track “Oh no no no no no no (oh no)”!!!
Check it out here:

It’s lifted from his latest album “Panning For Gold: Excerpts From The Depths, Winter 2012-2013” available to steam in its entirety right here:

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“DJ Hamma Presents – Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2” – New Project from Slege Lee + “Hold It Down” – New Official Music Video – Out Now!

Slege Lee - Dusty Crates Vol2

The 2014/15 “End Of The Weak, MC Challenge World Champion, Slege Lee recently featured exclusively on the all new and incredible new DJ Hamma project called “Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2” produced by St Gallen, with beats by Switzerland based producer, Thedawn!
Be sure to grab yourself a copy right here:

also out, is the fresh new video for the track “Hold it Down” lifted from the project:

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“DECLARATION” – New Music Video from THE UNDERGRIND + “World Renown” – New ALbum Out Now!

Check out the fresh new video from The Undergrind for their track “DECLARATION”!

Lifted from their brand new album “World Renown” out now and available here:
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“Man Plans God Laughs” – The New Album from Public Enemy – Out Now!

PE - Man Plans God Laughs
We all tend to have our favourites and for me Public Enemy’s “Man Plans God Laughs” album is hands down my pick of the bunch from all that I’ve heard this year! It’s truly the perfect amalgamation of rhythm’s culminating severe mastery that I feel anyone who appreciates hiphop culture will gel with… head nodding for days, and when those days are over; back to begin for another spin.
So yeah, I’m completely taken back by this album and everything it entails and simply cannot recommend it enough! Get your copy here:

This is the Official Music Video for the self titled lead single from the album:

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“Doctor” – Official Music Video from Flawless Real Talk!!

I know it’s not from2015 but this is a track that needs to be shared!
Check out this incredible video for Flawless Real Talk’s track “Doctor”:

Lifted from his latest project, “Ri Invasion” available right here:

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Maticulous – “The Maticulous LP” review by Apocolypse

Maticulous - The Maticulous EP

So… I’m back again and today I’ll be reviewing Maticulous’ – “The Maticulous LP”. It dropped on the 14 July, I know I’m a bit delayed with the review but once I heard it, I HAD TO share this gem with ya’ll. This is definitely one for the heads that’s too dope not to feature.

Maticulous is a Brooklyn based producer who moved from Pittsburg in 2004 to pursue his music career. As a producer, Maticulous has worked with the likes of Hip Hop heavyweights such as – MF Doom, RA the Rugged Man, Ruste Juxx, and is one half of the group known as Audimatic, with the Audible Doctor. This is Maticulous’ first full-length project. The LP consists of twelve tracks and has a run-time of 46min 40sec. Maticulous has made the album available as a limited edition cassette ($10), a limited edition CD ($12) and as a digital download ($11). As a producer, there’s two ways to go about an album; 1. Instrumentals, or 2. Featuring artists you best feel suite the aura of the beats (which Maticulous went with). Based on the diverse repertoire of artists that he features on this project, there’s a level of expectation and excitement. Maticulous features the likes of – Your Old Droog, Lil Flame of the Mash Out Posse aka M.O.P, Rah Digga, Rock of the legendary Heltah Skeltah, Gully Simpson, Hubbs, Greg Grease, Hassan Mackey, Beedie, Reach & Johnny Burgos of Brooklyn’s very own “Bridge City Hustle”, Masta Ace, Blu, Folkland and last but not least, yU of Diamond District. Now any REAL head across the globe would know, we’re in for a treat.

From the “Stellar intro” to the “Souled outro”, this album encompasses the essence of Hip Hop. There are no plastic or bubblegum tunes that were commercially tailored for radio play…. just good music. The album is an exhibition of what I’d call classic Hip Hop, boom-bap beats, soulful and captivating samples and powerful emcees with potent lyrics. Maticulous moves seamlessly between sounds (aura’s) as the beats progress and each song evokes emotional involvement. From that hardcore and “open hand to the face, get slapped shit”, to rolling through the hood easy vibes, there’s even that soulful uplifting sing-a-long and move from side-to-side feel. The more I listen to this album, the more I feel I understand exactly what his intention was behind the LP and in-turn, the more I find myself appreciating it.

Using his name for the title of the album was the perfect choice, this is Maticulous and you can clearly hear the golden era influences in his beats, the heart of Hip Hop through his features and how he perceives the sub-culture itself. Maticulous is not trying to impress anyone or trying to be something he’s not, he’s merely expressing his personal connection with the movement. The tracks on the album have old-school patronage while maintaining contemporary relevance, and his harmonious composition creates a musical articulation that is on point. The production (mixing and mastering) is top notch through-out and the quality is just the cherry on-top of one sweet-ass dessert.

For me, the best track goes to (drum-roll)…. *grabs the envelope – “Bet Your Life” feat Masta Ace and Blu with cuts by DJ Skizz! If you know the names of the two artists he features on this beat, and I assume you do being the heads that I know you are, you’ll know that these two artists are highly respected for their craft, this is old school and new school joining forces to create ART (fuuuuu…sssion…haaaaah!!!). The soulful beat set’s the perfect back drop for these two emcees who carry the theme flawlessly. Their flows are dope, dope, DOPE!!!! Why hasn’t anybody thought of this collaboration before? Either way, win lose or draw you can bet yo’ life!

All the beats are dope and the structure of the track-listing works perfectly. Maticulous manages to move you through the various exhibits without causing any conflict or hesitation with the observer. I give “The Maticulous LP” a rating of 4/5 Apocolyptic Punchlines (the highest score I have ever designated to a body of work… so far) it’s Hip Hop in its purest form and the production all-round is exemplary. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… This one is definitely for the heads and is TOO dope not to have in your catalogue. So best you go and cop it!

It is evident that Maticulous has stayed true to the “classic Hip-Hop” influence and has manifested its significance in his life through, dare I say it, a master-piece. I’ll be listening to this for years to come. Maticulous, I tip my hat to you sir and salute you for keeping it REAL.

Check out the official video for – “Stellar Intro” feat Your Old Droog.

Get your copy here:




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“The Birds” – New Music Video from Cult Cyph + “Bushido Blades & Blunt Guts” – Debut Album Out Now!

Check out the slick new music video from Cult Cyph for his track “The Birds” produced by Dope Knife!

Lifted from Cult Cyph’s debut LP ‘Bushido Blades & Blunt Guts’. The album is produced entirely by Dope KNife, with features from him and Miggs Son Daddy.
Get your copy here:

For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
website: http://dopesandwich.com
Cult Cyph on Facebook – http://facebook.com/cultcyphemusic
Dope KNife Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/knifeisdope

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“Famous Future Time Travel” – New Album + Music Video from Myka 9 and Factor – Out Now!

mk9 Fac - Famous Fut TT

“Famous Future Time Travel” is Myka 9 & Factor’s latest collaboration and debut UBRNET release! This could just be the duo’s best work yet, with a banging and fresh West Coast hip hop feel. This hip hop duo’s last joint-effort, on the critically acclaimed album Sovereign Soul, hit #1 on the CMJ Charts…
Get your copy right here, right now:

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“Competition” – New Music Video from L*Roneous & 2bers + “KIll To Sing The Blues” – New LP – Out Now!

Check out this slick new music video from L*Roneous & 2bers for their track “Competition”!

Lifted from their all new LP “KIll To Sing The Blues” available here:

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“Wermonster – Beats from the 4th floor” review by Apocolypse

Wermonster - Beats from the 4th Floor

Today I have the privilege of checking out Wermonster’s – “Beats from the 4th Floor”. It was released on the 26th August through the Australian based label, Uncomfortable Beats via Wermonster’s Bandcamp page exclusively.

This beat-tape “diary” follows the beat-focused “Katalyst Sessions vol.1” and “Solar Tales EP”, both were released in 2014 and 2015 on Australian electronic music imprint Uncomfortable Beats. The makers behind the music decided to offer this as a free digital release before Wermonster drop’s his next work which is planned to drop sometime in November.

OK… Time to tuck-in. This album consists of 12 tracks and is purely instrumentals. (Push’s play) Aaaahhhhh, the initial beat drops and we are back in Wermonster’s wonderful land of eclectic compositions. From the onset I can see why the album is considered a continuation of the previous releases. The sounds and overall ambiance is directly relatable to his previous work.

What starts out as a spacey, I just took some acid and now I’m astro-travelling intro, it moves into a playful melodic pantomime. Now we’re getting into the thick of things…. Yessssss! The second track brings some of that boom-bap smooth criminal type of music. As the tracks progress I find myself moving through different emotions. Various sounds and samples dictate the environment Wermonster wants your head-space to be in. I really like how he builds up some of his breaks, it’s execution is that “eye of the storm” type moments and really emphasizes his musical expressions. Each beat has its own realm and emotion to offer, for some you automatically fall back into the scene previously illustrated on his Solar Tales EP. His unique sound and understanding of production run rampant across this beat-tape as he solidifies the direction the instrumentals subtly suggest your conscious towards. Awwwwwwwwwwh…. the outro already? I guess I just lost myself in the music…

From boom-bap, to your more bluesy type of melodies, this beat-tape delves across multiple facets of this wonderful universe we call Hip Hop. I’ve always felt that French producers (Yes I haven’t forgotten that Wermonster live’s in Berlin, he is French by birth) have their own unique sound and perception of the craft which more often than not truly enhances the genre’s diversity throughout continents, and Wermonster really illustrates how far one can go and still neatly fit-in with its contemporary counter parts.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, now comes the hard part. It’s difficult to compartmentalize my favourite track on this beat-tape. The ones that really stood out and connected with me personally were : Four Four, L’Amour Monstre aka I know U got Soul & Castle. The double bass sample, the bappy snare and the driving bass-line of, “Four Four” caught me immediately and prompted me to bop along, like it or not. The string loop and “live” sounding drum kit of L’Amour Monstre entice a malevolent part of one’s psyche, when I close my eyes, I picture myself as a gremlin wearing my fitted with some hella-dope sneaks and tearing through one of Tim Burton’s graveyard scenes. With Castle, the composition of the horns and beat just screams – READY FOR WAR, it’s one of those beats that automatically induce a left-right, militant movement that your head is compelled to follow. If I have to be a stickler for favourites, I’d have to go with – L’_Amour Monstre, from my initial encounter of the track, I knew from the first four bars that THAT’S MY SHIIIIIIIIIT!!!!

My sentiments towards Wermonster’s new offering are positive*, my only two criticisms would be – 1. Vocals were sorely missing on this album, I feel it could of really rounded off a couple of tracks and captured your attention, that said, this album was never intended to include vocalists and purely made as a “beat-tape”, so I understand the reasoning behind his decision to exclude the extra element. 2. I think the track list/compositioning is a little off, a couple times I found myself in no-mans land whilst transitioning between two beats, almost disconnected and lost because the flow was disrupted. Don’t get me wrong, my sentiments by all means are not a repercussion of shoddy work, its just my two cents worth on the situation. I give “Beats from the 4th Floor” 2.5/5 Punchlines, and it leaves me eager to encounter his next offering.

All in all, “Beats from the 4th Floor” is a good listen, there’s different tracks for different cats (booyah I just coined that shit), and if you’re looking for some instrumentals to play in the background or for some music that will induce deep thought and personal reflection, download this album and push play.

Get your copy here:


Beats from the 4th Floor trailer:


Yours Truly

Mr. A

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