Review: Brothers Of The Stone.

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” Everybody wear a mask and they don’t even know it, so scared of being themselves, they wont even show it. “

If  you do anything today, go and buy this album. For fans of classic head nodding Boom Bap from some of the best MC’s in the UK it’s a no-brainer; for the autodidact’s it’s an affirmation of a whole bunch of good shit you’re either already thinking or on the path to finding within yourself. Mostly it’s rare in it’s absolute honesty, positivity and personal accountability. Every beat kills, without exception. All I’d heard of Illinformed before this was the ‘More Weed Money Beat Tape’, which was smooth; but this is next level. I’m pretty sure between the hours him and Leaf put in, they could keep the whole UK in ill beats for the next year. His samples are still smooth as hell, butcleaner and neater…

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