Warm Up : Kista : Pushing Buttons EP



Scarborough-based beatsmith Kista has been putting together choice cuts of pure Hip Hop for a while now; for his latest release, he’s teamed up with some quality US MCs to drop 12 tracks of that dopeness. January the 7th sees the 12″ released via Soundweight Records and UK vinyl aficionados Dusty Platter. If it’s not a date marked in your calendar, you might want to listen to these album snippets, pre-order the 12″, break out the 1210’s, buy all the Ortofon scratch carts you can afford and wait patiently for the next Six days in the B Boy stance, nodding your head like the dude in the video behind Melle Mel on the child is born with no state of miiind’ verse.

Earlier last year, Soundweight put out Kista’s last LP; The Grand Emporium. It was a bold and break-heavy effort on which the producer locked into a groove…

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