The Collective Vision- Hip Hop Expo Mixtape


Quepid's Myth

“..Unearthing, Exposing and Introducing Independent Hip-Hop”


Every time I get wind of artists working together to create melodic harmony I get so excited, so excited that I can hardly breathe. It’s the type of passion you can only relate to if collaborative work speaks to you incessantly, which it does me.

Remember when “Lyrists Lounge Volume1” dropped? And we had the likes of Q-Tip killing tracks with Tash and Mos def and Mos came through on that first verse like“….I’m in the lab with Ab, I got the pen and pad//My man T-A-S-H take it to yo’ breastplate//It’s the Mighty Mos Def, complete the trilogy// just shot myself a dime, see are you feelin me?”

And I was feeling him!! No doubt about it, it’s that sensation of knowing there’s more to come that instantly gets you starved, it’s as if your ears could scream out “More! More! More!” It’s…

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