“Collected Unconsciousness 2003​-​2013” – New Album from Gutter$nipe$ – Out Now!

If I could describe this album in just one word, it’d have to be MASSIVE!!! “Collected Unconsciousness 2003​-​2013” is the incredible new album from Chicago producers and peers, Morbidly-o-Beats and Hoot, making up the duo of Gutter$nipe$!! For me it’z like one gigantic exponential meltdown of melodies making up one extremely beautiful and completely surreal cacophony… Almost like it picks you up and carries you to a far a away place where the only thing that matters is what exactly that next epic bass-line will do when it drops as well  as what sounds will accompany it when it does just that… get your copy here:

“Chicago producers and peers, Morbidly-o-Beats and Hoot, present a first look inside their haunted house of hard drive history for their debut as Gutter$nipe$ with “Collected Unconsciousness: 2003-2013”. Dragging you through some of their unreleased highlight collaborations of the past decade, they bring you on a journey to the belly of the beast where goopy sinister synths dance with the resurrected chops of musty sedated samples and a cacophony of laser etched breakbeats all tied to the ground with their own brand of musical chair MPC2000XL sequencing. The duo breaths life into a graveyard of hard synths and dusty record bins to present this hazy panic attack of a polyphonic poltergeist”.

For more information and to stay in touch you can check out:


Enjoy! ~dhh


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