“The Jungle Bunnies” – New Album from MALMO x STUTTGART – Out Now!!

“The Jungle Bunnies” is the incredible, mostly instrumental debut album from production duo MALMO x STUTTGART (Johnny Filter and Two Point Owe) and features the likes of Amara Nkem-Abonta & Blaze 5th!! Really dug this one a whole lot myself and I’m sure you will too… Get your copy via Pronoia right here:

“This is more than a beat tape. This debut from The Jungle Bunnies speaks directly to the soul of all hip hop vinyl junkie, crate-digging, break-browsing afficianado’s. From beginning to end its a soulful hip hop journey. Fluctuating between smooth jazz expressions to quintessential hip hop head bobbing melodics, it’s safe to say, this elephant broke the PHAT scale”.

For more information and to stay up to date, this is where to look:

Enjoy! ~dhh



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