Snak The Ripper Vs. Madchild!


Hey guys!

So I just wanted to find out what your take is on the current beef going down between Snak The Ripper and Madchild? These emcee’s are hailing from Canada and are the best at their game in that country!

Madchild (as far as I’m aware), brought Snak The Ripper into the hiphop game although I’m not entirely sure as the sites I have been on and researched through don’t necessarily give me enough information…

Maybe you guys out in the hiphop world can give me your thoughts, but for now check out these videos I’ve posted and let me know who you think is the current winner in this EPIC rap battle between the two biggest names in the Canadian Underground Hiphop scene!

I’ve always been a major Madchild fan but I personally feel that Snak has given him proper bullets in these disses…. I enjoyed Madchilds diss entitled “Funeral” but all in all I still feel Snak wins this…


Peace! ~ L!0n


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