Soothsayers say what they must!

Lavatory Records

It is no doubt that the social media era has brought with it an element of a ‘concocted reality’, and as a reality the truth tends to be uncomfortable for many. However, the flip side is that whatever is posted on these social platforms is forever embedded on the interweb, even if it gets deleted off the platform. One needs to make sure that their story is straight from the onset as backtracking and retraction is virtually impossible.

For Hip Hop, and particularly the art of emceeing, even the traditional media platform is used as a soap box to speak one’s truth! Back in 1989 the rap group, Public Enemy, unsettled many people with the lyric “Elvis was a hero to most, But he never meant s**t to me you see, Straight up racist that sucker was...” on their song Fight The Power. The magnitude to send out…

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