Review: Zetina Mosia–The Roundabout

Review: Zetina Mosia–The Roundabout…
8/10 @KnowMoreMusic.. Check it out!!


By Taylor McNally

Zetina Mosia–The Roundabout

Influence is a thing that is both ubiquitous in consideration, and highly absent. In an abstract sense we all think about it. Who got what riff from where, which glam musician from the 70’s are you most interested in–Top Five Dead Or Alive lists abound no matter the genre and no matter the place. And yet when it comes to the actual discussion of a particular piece of work, it becomes much harder to pin these things down.  As an American, my perspective can be very skewed as to what exactly dictates an influence. Zetina Mosia is an artist from Ghana who has shown me how long these roots can truly stem.

While writing this review, I composed a list of all the artists I thought I heard inside the influences of The RoundAbout. This list ended up being pretty massive, spanning…

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