“J’irai faire du son chez vous” – New Music Video from – Spectateur – Out Now!

Directly translated as “I will make sound at yours”, “J’irai faire du son chez vous” is the incredible new music video from French producer Spectateur!! it’s also the first time a music has been shot in the French bar, la Maison Café Nantes… My opinion; this is epic! Check it out here:
Lifted from his upcoming album “Yateveo” due out 14 March on TFTC (The French Connection) Records! 

Here’s a bit more on the album:“Tantôt dans l’ombre, tantôt dans la lumière, ce premier album de Spectateur nousplonge dans une histoire aussi fantastique que mythique, celle de ‘Yateveo’ l’arbre mangeur d’hommes”.
“Sometimes in the shadow, sometimes in the light, this album from Spectateur dives you into a story as marvelous as fantastic, the story of ‘Yateveo’ the tree eating humans”

…sounds intriguing to say the least and I really can’t wait!!

In the mean time tho you can pick up a copy of his 2015 EP, “Tiphareth” right here:

For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
Spectateur on Facebook


Peace! ~dhh



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