“do hiphop” is a website / blog creating awareness of causes created through forces beyond our control and willing the true hip hop listener and artist to believe that they are able to be the major contributing factor in changing people’s mind-sets and lifestyles for the better, not only with what they put out but also with whom they affect, collaborate with and change.

We were founded in June 2010 with a resolve of trying to help spread the word about independent hiphop music, graffiti and virtually anything hiphop related on a global scale. We are very much about promoting social responsibility and action through artistic expression and creativity by creating awareness of the world we live in through consciousness within our art forms.

We try to not forget who is listening and how much can be accomplished just through being conscious and creating awareness of something that whether they like it or not… Actually affects all of us. Things like poverty, disease & oppression affect everyone, no matter how socially elite one thinks they are and it is our responsibility as human beings to do all we can to invoke change which we CAN do through our music.
Change starts the minute you invoke it!577104_357186371015594_1901170451_n

We choose to see beyond the hype…
Home is where the heart is.



Join our movement;
(p.s. if you are interested in writing with us and offering your thoughts in the form of reviews or why? Please be sure to get in touch via our contact page)

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