Due to the incredibly high number of great albums that came out this year it’s almost impossible to pick just 10 and especially a Top-10; So instead, this year we’ve decided to list our some of our favourites and let you check them out for yourselves…
Hopefully you get something from our “lists”.

Jonwayne – Rap Album One
Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless – Tap Water
El-P & Killer Mike – Run the Jewels
casOne – The Monster & the Wishing Well
Dirty Dike – Return of the Twat
R.A. The Rugged Man – Legends Never Die
Blindspot – Mars AthleticsTap Water
Dan Le Sac Vs. Scroobius Pip – Repent Replenish Repeat
Ancient Mith – And the Dead Shall Lie There
Omnivorz – Splattermouth and the Pheonix
Seap One – Sickness of Seap
No Bird Sing – Definition Sickness
Illogic and Blockhead – Capture the Sun
Yugen Blakrok – Return of the Astro-Gothrun-the-jewels-cover-1373904337
Brothers of Stone – Self Titled
Deltron3030 – The Event II
Jel – Late Pass
Bodi – The Fall of Atlas
Sadistik – Flowers for my Father
Cubbiebear – Force Back to Sleep
Ill Clinton – Ragnarok
Petty Tyrants – Live, Build, Shape
Josh Martinez – Blotto
Webtrip – Webtrip
nanigan nickleby – Dead Letters in Exile
Bliss n Esso – Circus in the Sky
Milo – Milo Takes Bathsdirty-dike-return-of-the-twat-album-cover
PCP – Peace EP (Phuket!)
Eyenine – Dissembler
Beat Panama – Inception

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  1. What about
    Prolyphic&Buddy Peace “Working Man”
    Qwel&Maker “Beautiful Raw”
    Sage Francis “Sick to D(eat)h mixtape”
    Greenhouse “Bend but don’t Break”
    Dose One “Samurai Gunn”
    Honorable mention- Errol Hem+DroneJones “Sacrificial” (teehee)

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