Baltimore’s Own Taé Wilson

Born and raised in Baltimore Maryland, Wilson is an outspoken proud father and a champion for his community. Wilson gained notoriety during the Baltimore Riots in 2015 with his video “My Letter To The Labels”, giving his community hope during a time when they were surrounded by violence. Since then, Wilson has never stopped repping his hometown. At only 24 years old, Wilson has already created the Closer To My Dreams campaign to help people in Baltimore reach their goals and find their purpose.

It isn’t hard to see that Wilson’s city loves him back. The vibe from his music video is one of a huge family, all showing genuine love for the Baltimore star. He has also the recipient of various Baltimore Crown Awards, including “Best New Artist”, and “Best Underground Release”.

As soon as the “iPhone Boomin’’” video opens it is clear how important Wilson’s hometown is to him, and how much support they have for him. Throughout the entirety of the video, Wilson is surrounded by friends and neighbors. And, of course, the video itself was shot in Baltimore. It’s a breath of fresh air to see an artist showcase his community and the people in it.

The song itself features a lively beat with a catchy hook. By the end of the song you won’t be able to stop yourself from nodding along; “they got my mother f***in iPhone boomin”.  Those featured in the video can’t help but dance and vibe along to the song, and after one listen you’ll be hooked too.

“iPhone Boomin’” is the perfect summer banger to add to your playlist. The time to get behind Baltimore star Taé Wilson is now because with tracks like this he’s set to make a big name for himself in the hip hop community.