“Perfect Tomorrow” – New Album from Sector7G – Out Now!!

Sector7G is back and vibrant as ever with the all new album, “Perfect Tomorrow” and it’s quite simply stunning!!! Although this album was actually recorded in way back in march of 2013, and for all sorts of reasons hasn’t seen the light of day until now… it remains relevant and fresh as ever. Mike really pours his heart out on this one leaving me, for one, reeling for more!!”Perfect Tomorrow” is the follow up to Sector7G’s 2012 release “Dead In The Heart” and it really does live up to and surpass any and all expectations proving, once again, Mr. Mike “Switchblade” to be one of the most integral voices in hiphop right now… Go get your copy here; we cannot recommend it enough:

For more information and to stay in touch, this is where to look:
Sector 7G @ Fillinthebreaks.com
Mike Shank on Facebook(Official Page)

Peace! ~dhh


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