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This is the official store page for do hiphop. We have various select merch, cd’s and cassettes available to ship anywhere in SA and can also ship ROW if it makes sense, shipping-wise. On top of that, we have various clothing available via Tee Time SA and this ships worldwide with incredibly decent shipping rates.

and very limited stock of the following merch in-store & available in SA! *All pricing excludes S & H.*

ThiNXx – 2018 Logo(White) Classic T-Shirt – Black


ThiNXx - 2018 Logo(White) Classic T-Shirt - Black TXT2018WB

All new 2018 Black/Gold ThiNXx Logo on Black T-shirt.
Designed by Double Xx Design.

Product details
– Ribbed and double stitched collar
– Machine-wash safe
– Unisex
– Printed in the U.S.A.

LIMITED STOCK: 1x Medium; 1xLarge; 1x Extra Large
R199 In stock

***ALSO AVAILABLE***The Official’do hiphop’ 2018 Apparel Collection – Available Via the Tee Time SA Store!