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Yugen Blakrok’s ANIMA MYSTERIUM!!!

Beautiful, mysterious, melodic head-nodding knowledge to rock you into the weekend and all the way back though the next week… These are all words to describe South African hip-hop extraordinaire Yugen Blakrok’s second album “ANIMA MYSTERIUM”, and the best part is, it’s out today!!! The ever meshing rhyme-styles and a vocabulary to make even your …

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Yugen Blakrok ft Fifi the RaiBlaster – GoldDreams – LIVE @ Militia Broadcast!

Check out this incredible live performance from the one and only Yugen Blakrok ft. Fifi the RaiBlaster – GoldDreams – LIVE @ Militia Broadcast. – Oct. 2015! For more information and to stay in touch, these are the spaces:!yugen/c1om0 Enjoy! ~ dhh

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