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These are our

Top 50 Albums of 2015!!

Album of the Year 2015

“How Much is Water” – J-Live
“Man Plans, God Laughs”- Public Enemy
“Kill the Wolf” – B.Dolan
“Coming from the Bottom” –The Cornel West Theory
“So the Flies Don’t Come”– Milo
“Today I wrote Nothing” – Billy Woods
“Broken Bone Ballads” – Ceschi
“The Maticulous LP” – Maticulous
“Galapaghost” – Juan Deuce + Falside
“SUEDE” – Free Fall
“5th PLATEAU: The Prequel” – Mathias Kruse
“Rubies & Rust” – Marjen
“Natural Order” – The Four Owls
“Grand Theft Audio Vol.3” – Sctterbrvin
“Carnelian” – Kill the Vultures
“Magickal Weirdness” – Moka Only
“Lockjaw” – Onboard Balloon
“Sucking on Prawns at Midnight” – Dirty Dike
“ALKAST” – Alaska
“Aquarian Alien” – NOAH23 
“Sludge Tape” – Sludge Factorie
“Deadbeats” – BrokeMC
“The Mould Tape” – Illinformed
“Pheromone Heavy” – Ecid
“Paper Seatbelts” – Willie Green Presents: Pastense
“Heavy Heart” – F.U.B.A.R.
“Butter Fly” – Lee Scott
“Famous Future Time Travel” – Myka 9 and Factor
“DJ Hamma Presents: Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2” – Slege Lee
Thumbs“ – Busdriver
“Collected Unconsciousness 2003-2013” – Gutter$nipe$
“Dialogue with Life“ – Dday One
“Fidel” – Curly Castro
“Fuck The Money“ – Talib Kweli 
“ Famous Last Words” – Sammy Warm Hands
“Crazy Shit” – Basik Lee
“Mudface” – Redman
“The Jungle Bunnies” – MALMO x STUTTGART
“Underwrought (Re)Works” – Shut-ins and the Colony
“Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey” – Michael Larsen
“Moon Balloon” – Grey Sky Appeal and Esh The Monolith
“Smashed Rats” – SLUDGE FACTORIE
“Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground”  – Mega Trife
“Dust Collectors Vol.3” – Aeon Grey
“Bad Neighbor” – MED, Blu & Madlib
“Young Whipper Snapper” – OptimisGFN 
“Chinchilla Meat” – The Hinderance 
“Tracking Serenity” – Talk-Sik
“Why Am I So Happy”? – Spose


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