Be the Change with do hiphop #dhh

Be the Change with do hiphop #dhh

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              “do hiphop” 

Please read on here…  This is important!

Did you know you have rights as a human being?

A lot of them actually!!!and these rights are:

This is why we need organizations like:


Because there isn’t actually a single country in the world where everyone gets all of these rights and extreme violations of these rights are going on almost every day. I especially hate it when this affects our children, but unfortunately it does and that’s why we need to protect them because they are our future. Some of the organizations desperately trying to protect them are:

Of course this has no point if there isn’t any world to live on in the first place
and things like Global warming and pollution will eventually affect us all 
We owe the world we live in because we are the ones responsible for bringing 
about the beginning of its end. You can help turn this destruction around and here is how:

We ar
e of course not alone in this world and we need to respect its other inhabitants because there are some really sick people out there who couldn’t care less If they were around or not.It is our responsibility to protect them because however big and strong they are they are no match for us and our parasitical nature. Help them:

And then we’ll go and take them out of their natural habitat, families… develop their trust then just abandon them…But there are people fighting for their rights and need your support..

There are unfortunately way too many organizations just like these all over the world just like these ones because without them we would probably bring about our own destruction.

Don’t let this happen…

You cou
ld change someone’s life.

  Peace, Love, Respect, Light!

             “do hiphop”

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