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Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

On these icy winter mornings make sure your ear’s are covered with some some quality phones, pen-in-hand and beats so hot they may just be the cause of global warming altogether!! All jokes aside… The power-house producer form Poland “Emapea” delivers nothing but the most severe quality production time and time again and his latest offering, “Zoning Out Volume 2” is without a doubt one of my favourite instrumental albums to release this year. Check it out right here:

and… once you’re done with this; don’t hesitate to proceed through the rest of his catalogue for melodic meltdowns to make your month!!

I also happened to come across this music video for his track “Funk it Up lifted” from his Zoning Out Vol.1 Album… peep it here:

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Peace! ~dhh


Ceschi & Factor Chandelier’s “Sad, Fat Luck”.

Ceschi & Factor Chandelier’s “Sad, Fat Luck”. When was the last time you listened to an album and afterwards were so completely taken back, that you sat in silence for the next 30 plus minutes reflecting on what you’ve just listened to..!? Well, for me anyway Ceschi’s all new “Sad, Fat Luck” album did just …

Ceschi & Factor Chandelier’s “Sad, Fat Luck”. Read More »


Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Animate ya MindZ… “Savior Self” – New Video from ThiNXx!

Hot off the fresh and kicking off “ThiNXx” for 2019… “Savior Self” is the all new music video offering from the South African Indie hiphop artist ThiNXx!! 

“This is an animated video put together by Double Xx Design to help convey the message of the track. It focusses around two characters putting up pasties(posters stuck up with glue) everywhere they can find offering people advise on how to live their lives… or not! It’s basically a bit of fun to affirm the tried and tested message of… “Savior Self”(Save Yourself)”. ~ThiNXx

Check it right here:

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Too Good to Look Away – YUGEN BLAKROK is “Gorgon Madonna”

Too Good to Look Away – YUGEN BLAKROK is “Gorgon Madonna” in her stunning new music video lifted from the intro track of the South African artists revolutionary sophomore album ‘ANIMA MYSTERIUM’ out now on Iapetus Records(South Africa) and I.O.T. Records(France)!!

The Eye-catching, awakening visuals are like a breath of fresh air, taking in the essence of the track and throwing it back at you in live full HD colours that just hold your eyes captive right to the end. It’s a journey into the nether-realm that is the minds of both Yugen and Kanif’s forever flowing fluid soundscapes. Ironically, you can’t look away due to it’s sheer beauty even though the “”gorgon” title specifically states otherwise!

Check it out here:

‘GORGON MADONNA’ taken from the album ‘ANIMA MYSTERIUM (Released on 1. February 2019)

Check Full Album here [ ]

 “In old Mythology, Medusa (The Gorgon) is cursed by Zeus and is made a monster than Man must fear. No one can look into her eyes as they’ll be turned to stone. The Virgin Mary (The Black Madonna) in religion, as much as she’s the vessel that carries the Christ into the world, is somehow excluded from the Holy Trinity. It is out of this vilification and exclusion of the female element that these two entities meet. Both inspire fear in Man. The Gorgon Madonna is the wrath of Medusa and Mary. The Divine Feminine in the guise of the ultimate warrior: the woman scorned.” ~ Yugen Blakrok


“For this music video I focused on animating the artist’s metaphors without illustrating them in a strictly literal way. From her prose I let emerge a collection of hybrid and extraordinary characters. These characters commune to represent a form of transversality. Transversality of time (youth-old age), of matter (organic-electric), of genre (masculine-feminine) and of species (animal-human)…” ~ Yann Marquis (Director)

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Visually “Good to Me” – blonju feat. Rob Righteous

“Good to me” is the super slick new music video/ track from blonju featuring Rob Righteous! It takes us away on an eerie journey into the realm of this incredible Atlanta, GA artist’s world with awe-inspiring antique animated visuals put together by Double Xx Design all the way in Johannesburg South Africa… Check it out here:

This track is lifted from Blonju’s MysticMojoLand LP & available exclusively to “do hiphop” ‘s registered users.

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Blonju’s MysticMojoLand is the all new full length LP from the indie hiphop phenomenon who’s album “DJ Old Man Up North Breaks it Down” was selected as “do hiphop’s” top album of 2019!

This is a collection of the best unreleased songs from bloju’s 2018 arsenal and we’re more than excited to have the honour of sharing it with you.

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Electrocardiographs… Stunning Visuals from Ceschi!

Breathtaking… jaw-dropping… captivating… “Electrocardiographs”!

I just can’t get enough of this video and it keeps my eyes completely glued to the screen throughout. This is the third single single and just a taster of what to expect from Ceschi and Factor Chandelier’s Sad, Fat Luck‘ LP out 4/4/19 on Fake Four Inc!!

Check it out right here:

Directed by Austria’s Squalloscope, “Electrocardiographs” is an ode to queer, liminal, radical culture told behind the fog of depression, grief and poverty in this current Trump era… This track oozes strong emotion & powerful lyrics, topped with Ceschi’s unique rhyme scheme/flow and coupled with Factor’s production means yet another flawless release from the Fake Four stable and I’m completely ecstatic to hear the album when is does drop!!

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Yugen Blakrok’s ANIMA MYSTERIUM!!!

Beautiful, mysterious, melodic head-nodding knowledge to rock you into the weekend and all the way back though the next week… These are all words to describe South African hip-hop extraordinaire Yugen Blakrok’s second album “ANIMA MYSTERIUM”, and the best part is, it’s out today!!! The ever meshing rhyme-styles and a vocabulary to make even your …

Yugen Blakrok’s ANIMA MYSTERIUM!!! Read More »


Robo the Technician’s – Soul in Machine!!

“Soul in Machine” is the moving tribute video to the life of the underground South African hiphop legend Themba Ngwenya aka. Robo the Technician! Check it out here: It’s also the first track from Robo’s final album due out on Iapetus Records in the near future and we will try to keep you informed as to when it …

Robo the Technician’s – Soul in Machine!! Read More »

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