“Holding My Breath” – Atmosphere – Official Video + New Album Out Now!

“Holding My Breath” – Atmosphere – Official Video + New Album Out Now!

It’s hard to believe that Atmosphere have been making music for nearly three decades. They’ve been through so many ups and downs, and yet they still manage to make some of the most thoughtful, honest and beautiful hip hop out there.

“Holding my breath” is the incredible new music video from the veteran hip-hop duo Atmosphere!

Who’s world is that!? Well I’m grateful that music like this exists and this really brought a smile to this sad clown’s face. It’s moving, beautiful, relatable and yet another example of how well Slug and Ant work together as one of the ultimate emcee producer pairings in hip hop. Check out the awesome new video here:

Lifted from their new album from So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously, available here:

With “So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously”, Atmosphere have created yet another masterpiece.

It’s an album that transcends the notion of “rap music” and becomes something more than just a collection of songs… it’s a reflection of our current moment in history. The album is about being at the point where you just want to be alone with your thoughts.. And then also about being more connected to the world around you than ever before.

Atmosphere have always been known for their ability to craft songs that sound like they were written by your best friend who knows everything about you.

The new record is no different. In fact, it might be their best yet. “Okay” is a song about being okay with not being okay, and it sets up the rest of the album perfectly. Slug has always been known as one of hip-hop’s best storytellers; this time he tells his stories through his own perspective rather than through stories of others (as he did on There Will Be Sunshine). He describes his insomnia and inability to sleep, but he also describes how he feels when he watches others sleep peacefully:

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Peace! ~dhh


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