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Endofline Graffiti Festival

Endofline Graffiti Festival – Nomadic Gardens, London(UK) Follow the smell of paint down Brick Lane, through the all aged playground. Continue under the bridge and into the rabbit hole that is Nomadic Gardens. “Meeting of Styles” put together a 2 day Graffiti festival, showcased on London’s largest legal street-art wall. An international network of graffiti …

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Killroy the Ghost unleashes Bloody Sunday on Northside

Richmond Raps, Pt. 1: Killroy the Ghost unleashes Bloody Sunday on Northside Richmond Raps is a new series of artist profiles at DoHipHop, each curated by Swordplay and featuring the work of an emcee or producer from his hometown of Richmond, VA. For our first installation, we are proud to present Killroy the Ghost, aka Killroy G, …

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Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

Emapea’s Zoning Out Volume 2!!

On these icy winter mornings make sure your ear’s are covered with some some quality phones, pen-in-hand and beats so hot they may just be the cause of global warming altogether!! All jokes aside… The power-house producer form Poland “Emapea” delivers nothing but the most severe quality production time and time again and his latest offering, “Zoning Out Volume 2” is without a doubt one of my favourite instrumental albums to release this year. Check it out right here:

and… once you’re done with this; don’t hesitate to proceed through the rest of his catalogue for melodic meltdowns to make your month!!

I also happened to come across this music video for his track “Funk it Up lifted” from his Zoning Out Vol.1 Album… peep it here:

For more information and staying in-tune to the station:

Peace! ~dhh


The Soul Voyage of InnerSoul!!

The Soul Voyage of InnerSoul!!

Underground Hip Hop (especially locally) does not get enough appreciation. This I believe is the reason for do hiphop’s existence. That being said, here’s a gem from a very little known producer from the Eastern Cape who goes by the name of InnerSoul.

InnerSoul makes very contemplative Hip Hop instrumentals infused with jazz notes that remind you of distant pasts and futures yet to come. He recently entered the Beat Makers Market Beat Maker of the Year competition, unfortunately bowing out in the last round.
This, however is his offering.

For more information, these are the places to look:
InnerSoul on Twitter
InnerSoul on Instagram
InnerSoul on Facebook

Capt’n !’ll


No Surprise on Swordplay’s “Malista”!

After a fair space of time and focus on other projects as well as finalizing his studies… We’re ecstatic to reveal that the one and only Swordplay released this extremely fresh re-issue of his 2009 solo album “Malista” on MilledPavement Records and what an album it is!! Continuing on with his completely unique flow-patterns and …

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Ceschi & Factor Chandelier’s “Sad, Fat Luck”.

Ceschi & Factor Chandelier’s “Sad, Fat Luck”. When was the last time you listened to an album and afterwards were so completely taken back, that you sat in silence for the next 30 plus minutes reflecting on what you’ve just listened to..!? Well, for me anyway Ceschi’s all new “Sad, Fat Luck” album did just …

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RIOT CONTROL with Taiyamo Denku!!!

Milwaukee native emcee Taiyamo Denku teams up with producer Jihad Baracus to give you the original mix of “Riot Control”!! Lifted from Taiyamo Denku’s slick new Maxi Single due to drop April 16, 2019, this track features the likes of Flipmode/Outsidaz first lady Rah Digga, ever popular west coast lyricist Gavlyn and Kansas City’s own Perseph …

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