Every year at “do hiphop” https://dohiphop.com, we try list our official favourite albums of that year.

These are our

Choices of 2020!

Once again, due to the incredibly high number of great albums that came out during the last year it’s almost impossible to pick just 10… and especially a Top-10… but we tried our best.

Hopefully you get something from our “lists”.

Album of the Year 2020

  1. Circles – Mac Miller
  2. Snakes & Birds – Deca
  3. Live From The Balrog Chamber – Leaf Dog
  4. All my Heroes are Dead – R.A. The Rugged Man
  5. Reflection – Emapea
  6. 24 to Infinity – Blonju
  7. Elysium – Sadistik
  8. Sechs – Knowsum
  9. Full Circle – Jade River
  10. Spirit World Field Guide – Aesop Rock


Thanks for making music!!!

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