This year we decided to do thing’s a little differently by introducing a brand new category into the mix… So, instead this is a list of your

Readers Choice 2015

Your favourites based solely on views!

We’ve also divided it up into 3 categories:

    Music Video’s, Author Reviews,  and of course, Albums.

So, for the first time ever… we proudly present:

This is our

Readers Choice 2015!!

Our Readers Top 50 Music Videos 2015!

a0387497852_16“Strong” – Will.B


“Fuck the Police” –
The Extremities (Fresh Kils & Uncle Fester)


“The Robbery Anthem Song” – 


“Listen” – Matre & Embassy Live Collective

AIMEss“Gasp” – An Illustrated Mess & Amber Martin

“Do Justice” – Last Days Fam(prod. One_nder)

“Rain” – Senbeï

“Silent Flight” – The Four Owls

“Blow My Candle Out” – Spose

“Credits Roll” – The Mouse Outfit feat. Verb T

“Blue Pixels” – Northest


“Respect(Aretha Franklin Routine)” – Skratch Bastid

“TeamBackPack Cypher Audition” – Edgewize

“Beautiful View” – Christopher Michael Jensen featuring Lydia Liza

“KEEP MOVIN’ ” – Black Other Featuring. And Is Phi

“Competition” – L*Roneous & 2bers

“Drive North” – deM atlaS

“Knowledge Of Self” – Miranda Writes

“Slow Drag” – SMOKEY JOE & THE KID

“Space Bitches” – Onoe Caponoe(Prod. Chemo)

“The Grands” – Gajah featuring Uncommon Nasa

“Crate Diggers” – DJ Q1 featuring Otarel

“What People Say” Upfront Featuring Res & Chikaya

“Flatlands” – billy woods

“The Place She Feared Most” – SAGE FRANCIS

“America the Beautiful – Homeboy Sandman

“Seraphim Swords” – WitchCrAft ft Hymphatic Thabs & Alka

“So Right (Let’s Ride)” – Gretchen and Friends

“Victim” – Eligh x AngorRepublic

“Lord Of The Light (Sun Riddim)” – Onoe Caponoe(Prod. Chemo)

“Too Many Rappers – The Beastie Boys Featuring Nas

“No Pain No Gain – Life MC & Badhabitz

“Who Killed Russell Jones?” – B. Dolan



“Gangs n’ Govt” – Paulie Think


“P’s & Q’s” – Mick Jenkins

“Stone Cold Sober – Mathas Featuring Empty

“Happy Land” – Lee Scott & Black Josh

“Most Entertamed” – KNife

“NEW DREAMS” – Joshua!

“Jazz” – Mick Jenkins

“January On Lake Street” – Atmosphere

“The Key” – Grand Opus

“Down To Earth Vol. 2 (The Standard Bap Edition)” – Ras G

“The Devil is Alive(The Story of Freeway Rick Ross)” – B. Dolan

“Yup” – Snak The Ripper

“Godsteppin” – Rocky Rivera

Our Readers Top 50 Albums of 2015!

a3030890583_16“Plain Speaking” – scallops hotel

 a1173102023_16“Underground Hip​​-​​Hop, Vol. 8” – URBNET Compilation

a0235153667_16“The Censorship Trap – WRISTS

a0053338453_16“Stoned & Dethroned” –
Nacho Picasso & Blue Sky Black Death

a1909633820_16“Unearthed Volume 2 & 3” – Mr. Dibbs

a3932740211_16“Heavy Heart” – Fubar

a3165092639_16“Sludge Tape” – Sludge Factorie

a4052067613_16“Galapaghost” – Juan Deuce + Falside

a3623004419_16“Meliorate” – Onboard Balloon

a1763184529_16“Rubies & Rust” – Marjen

“Underwrought (Re​)​Works” – Shut-ins and the Colony

“Razor Rain” – Oscar Goldman & Just a Konsept

“A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry” – Guante

“Kill The Wolf” – B. Dolan

“Losaka” – Acid Reign & Gebo

“Far East Funk” – Fifsuntzu

“Tracking Serenity” – Talk-Sik

“Eclipse” – Backburner

“All Hands” – Doomtree

“Burn Boxes” – Onboard Balloon

“3Rhythms” – Forefeather

“Smashed Rats” – Sludge Factorie

“Yesterday’s Futures” – Mr Key & Greenwood Sharps

“تدمر‎ | Valley of the Tombs – jamesreindeer

“and the Hundred Dollar Sandwich” – Junk Science

“The Triumph of an Anomaly” – Elias-Omar aka Avarice

“Cold War Era” – Uncommon Nasa

“Eat Somethin’: Volume Two” – Doze

“Paper Seatbelts” – Willie Green Presents: Pastense

“Maintain The Supply” – Illinformed

“Broken Bone Ballads” – Ceschi

“Chickens in your town – L’Entourloop

“Coming From The Bottom” – The Cornel West Theory

“Peacock Angel” – Noah23

“Famous Future Time Travel” – Myka 9 and Factor

“Closed Doors To An Open Mind” – Asphate


“Better Days” – Sean Anonymous & Dimitry Killstorm

“Eyedea: The Many Faces of Mikey – Micheal Larsen

“Grand Theft Audio Volume 3” – SCVTTERBRVIN

“Dark Side of the Sun” – Rated R & Fubar

“World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem” –

Various Artists(mixed by DJ LaJedi)

“Vapor Cave” – Ill Clinton

“Dialogue with Life” – Dday One

“Erratica” – Dot

“Welcome to Success” – Paranoid Castle

“Gold Ain’t Found Above Ground” – Mega Trife

“Pure Dopeness vol​.​15” – Sinoptic International

“DJ Hamma Presents – Dusty Crate Tapes Vol. 2”
– Slege Lee

“Magickal Weirdness” – Moka Only




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