Talk-Sik – “Tracking Serenity”: review by L!0n

Hey guys!

So I’ve been away for a while due to personal shit (mainly work)…. Anyway I’m back and hopefully that means with a vengeance!

The first album I’m gonna be reporting on is Talk-Sik “Talking Serenity”. This guy has seriously taken me back to a sort of Yak Ballz meets Atmosphere kinda vibe and I’m honestly loving it!  This conscious emcee hails from Tucson Arizona and has asked our humble site to check out what he does and give him props where necessary… His flow is dope and he gives it his all! He seems to be someone who will be very influential in his time to come in the hiphop scene! All-in-all I’m very impressed and that’s saying a lot as I’m usually that guy who only has heavy hitting things to say!

This is an album to add to the collection for true underground hiphop heads!

Purchase your copy here:

For more info and to stay up to date, check out:
Peace! ~ L!0n


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