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January 2018 Hoodie FLASHSALE – @ Tee Time SA!!

Sup yawl

Hope you’re doing well and getting ready for another stellar year of good hiphop music? We’re definitely looking forward to much bigger and better things and more than exited about the year ahead and what it has in-store for us… I’ve Been brainstorming with the folks over at Tee Time SA recently about how best to get you’s wearing some of our official clothing range, spreading the word about what we do and the brand in general, and we’ve got some cool news for those of you who are keen to help us do that.

So, in the essence of getting them out there and seen…

We’ve decided to implement a FLASHSALE for all selected “do hiphop” hoodies for dohiphop.com . This means that until 15 January 2018(ignore the timer), you can pick up on of these beautiful official hoodies in any colour you like for just $15″!!

Yeah, that’s correct… $15’s for a hoodie!! We really can’t go any lower than that, so we’re just hoping that some you’s decide to pick one or two up and rock them wherever you go… Please do send us a pic of you wearing it, performing, out and about or just chilling at home… it’d really make our year.

Support the movement and pick-up this very limited & once off deal before it expires.
***Direct link to Purchase***

getting the real hiphop heard, like it should be.

Peace! ~dhh

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