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Top Popular Blogs You should be Following in 2018!!

Sup Yawl…

Firstly, thanks for helping us reach this point! We would not be here without you guys and all the amazing indie artists doing their thing… So apparently we’ve made another list… a very select list of choice blogs all over the world covering various topics… a list of

TierraGamer’s Top Popular Blogs You should be Following in 2018!!

TierraGamer, top blogs, 2018, hiphop, follow, dohiphop, dhh

now admittedly, when the idea for “do hiphop” was born back in 2010, our real goal was and still is about spreading the word on good indie hiphop music & culture to real fans who are all about the discovery process; finding new and exciting artists and sounds to listen to; promoting consciousness within the world of hiphop culture…

I would have never ever thought that we’d make a list of globally influential blogs and I’m completely taken back to have now been listed as just that on 2 highly reputable sites… in case you missed it;
we’re also part of

Feedspot’s Top 100 Hip Hop Blogs and Websites for Hip Hop Fans!!

So, yeah… it’s been a pretty good year and it’s always nice to know that we are being seen and that what we do has substance… We just hope that our efforts have put you onto some awesome new artists and sounds and will continue to try and spread our knowledge as best we can…

getting the real hiphop heard like it should be.

Finally, if you do dig what we do… please spread the word about us or consider nominating us when people are looking for notable blogs etc… Every mention counts!

Also, with regards to submissions: we do require a minimum donation of $10 to accept your submission as we are now receiving 100 times more submissions than support and we really don’t have a shortage of content but keeping the site running is and has cost a fair bit over the years.

We’d really love to push the site big time this year and make some major improvements to the reading, visibility, look and user experience on site and this can only happen if…

Another way you could support our movement is by picking up some fresh threads via The Tee Time SA Store… We do receive 100% of the proceeds from the do hiphop apparel range!!
Check it out here: http://teetimesa.win

Get social:

Peace! ~dhh

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