Kristoff Krane – Escape (Feat. Ms. Lady Finch) [Official Video HD]

Check this amazing new video from Kristoff Krane for his song “Escape” from the 2008 album “This Will Work for Now”:

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Video By: Elliot Malcolm \\ dharmaHYPE Contact:
Editing by: dharmaHYPE & chris keller

“Background: The night before the shoot, Kristoff found a wounded yellow finch (female), who him and his wife cared for over night. Krane decided to drop the bird of in the morning on the way to picking up Elliot (director) for the video shoot, but the Minnesota Rehabilitation Center For Animals wasn’t yet open, so the bird (who Krane named, Ms. Lady Finch) joined the shoot. She sang all the way through and into the Rehabilitation Center. Krane had a memory as he was walking her about when he was young, with a BB gun, standing next to his grandpa. He seen a bird, looked up, pointed and shot. While his finger gently pulled back on the trigger, is gpa said, “Christopher No!!!” but it was too late, Chris had shot the bird. After feeling confused he looked over at his gpa and his grandpa said, “that dissapoints me christopher, you just shot and killed a yellow finch song bird”. I guess it came full circle to let me know I can let it go now, cuz I’ve felt bad about that ever since I was young. Funny how nature works out and how animals teach us so many valuable lessons and connect our lives so clearly”.

You can purchase the full album right here:
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For more information on Kristoff Krane you can check him out here:

Enjoy! ~ dhh

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