“Record Years” – New Mixtape from Wormwood – Out Now!

Wormwood just dropped his third and most cohesive mixtape called “Record Years”!! It’s really fresh & you can check it out and grab a copy here:

“Wormwood is Montana born and bred. He’s lived in the Treasure State all his life, came up on the Ft. Peck rez around not only pain and struggle but life and love. His brother introduced him to the art of Hip Hop from birth. Black Sheep and Mobb Deep surrounded Worm and instilled a true enthusiasm and passion for not only one genre, but all music. Influenced by everyone from BDK to Def Jux to Flying Lotus, Worm has always been a lover and appreciator of Hip Hop.  He brings a personal lyricism, esoteric beats and passion for the art form to his music”. 

For more info and to stay in touch with Wormwood, check him out on:
Beige Note
The Orators

Peace! ~dhh