do hiphop presents: “Quarenstream” featuring ThiNXx!

do hiphop presents: “Quarenstream” via!!

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do hiphop presents: “Quarenstream” – Livestream Show Series!

do hiphop presents: “Quarenstream”!!

We’re continuing the “Quarenstream” livestream artists from around the globe with a performance from ThiNXx!

Here’s a bit about the artist!

” “ThinXx ThiNKs Things”… Wesley de la Hunt, a.k.a. ThiNXx is an independent hip hop artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, actively involved in various genres of music since around 1997, entering the world of hiphop in June 2006.

He has released numerous projects, both solo and alongside artists from around the world including Capaciti(US), Phil G the Knowbody(US), Waatu Music(CAN), Shep on Bass(of Wrists, UK), Mainvein(JHB)… He has performed at various local shows in Johannesburg and Cape Town including Splash Jam, Babylon, Wordplay, The Indie Hip-hop Expo… sharing stages with the likes of Sage Francis, Hymphatic Thabs, Yugen Blakrok, Ewok, Fifi the Rai Blaster, Power of Thought & Slege Lee to name a few.

He is an active artist on Arcadiac Records, a Michigan(US) based collaborative as well as the Annapolis(US) cassette tape indie label I had An Accident Records and his music is available in various countries around the globe including US, France and Japan.

ThiNXx also founded and runs the award winning indie hiphop blog “”, trying to bring indie hip hop artists and general awareness to people across the globe. He is an artist concerned with hip-hop and world activism, and is a firm believer that music and artists can change the world.

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Can’t wait to share this experience with ya.

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Hope to see ya there!?
Peace! ~dhh
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