“The Answer” – New Music Video from Upfront + “Lettermorphosis” Album – Out Now!!!

Ever since hearing Upfront for the first time on his debut solo album “Upfront and Personal“, I’ve been counting down the hours to his next one and I’m so stoked to say it’s here and fresh as all hell!
Upfront delivers hard hitting, truthful flows that really take you deep into his mind and the reality of his life with a no holds barred essence that shines blindingly bright. Mix that with the groundbreaking production of Chris Lucas, Bew Bonik & J Pickles… you’ve got one gargantuan project that’ll ring in your ears for years to come!

Check out the slick music video for his track “The Answer” here:

Ya dig? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from… Pick up your copy of the album here:

Upfront is a member of UK Hiphop collective Split Prophets and you can check them out here:

Peace! ~dhh