All New “do hiphop” Apparel Range + Merch Up & Available Now!!

Sup guys…

So, he have very limited stock of the following merch in-store & available in SA!
*All pricing excludes S & H.*

Tee Time SA just launched another limited run for us with an all new, fresh writer style logo with our tagline; “Getting the real hiphop heard… like it should be”. Also available; the incredibly slick “Indi-Penned-Ant” do hiphop 2017 apparel range!!

I’m really hoping that you’ll consider picking something up as these type of efforts are the only way we’re able to stay up and running, helping spread the word about hiphop music graffiti and virtually anything hiphop related on a global scale. We really love doing it and that’s exactly why we need your support… The same goes for donations a long with submissions; please take a minute to consider making a donation when you submit music.

Anyways… we really hope you like the new designs; Please send us or tag us in photo’s of you rocking your new gear! Check it out here:

p.s. if you’d like to view their complete range this is the link to our STORE and this is the full Tee Time SA store link too:

And as always… Huge thanks to Double Xx Design for putting the art together.


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