Pallo – “Windows to the Soul” pre-album review by Apocolypse

Mic check… One… Two… Today I’ll be writing about Pallo’s – “Windows to the Soul” pre album…

Pallo A.K.A Pallo Malak was born in Chicago, IL on 6 December 1988 and later moved to Atlanta, GA. He is an executive producer, music composer, song writer, and Motivational Speaker. On 3 September 2015, Pallo released his pre-album entitled “WINDOWS TO THE SOUL”. This pre album consists of 5 tracks and he decided to call it “WINDOWS TO THE SOUL” because he says “The eyes are the windows to the soul, which are my experiences that I am sharing on this project.”

The intro track is a rude awakening and shocking reminder of the current state of racial profiling and shoot-to-kill mind state of law enforcement in America. Voice recordings of police calls and sirens establish the basis of the pre album and by extension Pallo himself. Off the bat you can hear his Southern style of flow and beats, generally not my cup of tea but I’ma give it a listen with open ears and see what Pallo really has to offer.

The next track is called, “Dimensions”. Pallo uses audio news reports/ political discussions and debates referencing the current socio-economic calamities the country is facing enforcing the “conscious” direction the track is set towards. He tackles economic imbalance, profiling through stereo-types and his view of what’s going on around him. The choir melody that carries the song defines the dark and meaningful realizations conveyed through his words, which all come together to emphasize the gravity of the situation…

Track 3 is titled, “Broke”. It has your typical southern synths with the typical snare roll. He talks about money and #TheStruggle – or the lack there of but the over all sound is just too generic and even though the lyrics aren’t your staple “syrup sippin’, popping bottles”, it just loses its identity… Or maybe its just me…

“She” is next, it’s about an encounter with a woman, and instead of focusing on the commercially indoctrinated ass, tits and the way she moves, he describes all the qualities that really matter, what you’d look for in your Queen. He commends her intelligence, self respect and ability to not sweat the small stuff. (Quite the opposite of the propagated South Hip Hop.)

Ok…. Last track… Titled, “Media”. The name alone should allude to the topic of this song. Pallo delves into the contentious agendas of disinformation and manipulation that is mainstream media’s M.O. He describes the collusion, the discrepancies and the influence of the media. The words are deep and powerful, and in my opinion was the perfect way to round of the pre-album. It leaves the listener with something pertinent socio-political questions on the mind, that NEED to be dealt with…

My favourite track by far is “Media”. To me, as an artist it is your obligation to use your craft not only as an outlet of self expression, but to uplift and better the world we live in, after all, isn’t that how Hip Hop started? I give Pallo’s – “Windows to the Soul pre-album” 2.5/5 Apocalyptic punchlines, which is probably the most I could give a 5 track offering. You can download it by clicking download below.

Southern styled Hip Hop usually isn’t something I have the time of day for, but Pallo isn’t your typicall bubblegum commercially tailored artist and is definitely someone worth listening too. Looking for to the “full” album Pallo, make sure you send it my way so I can give it a listen.




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