“Burn Boxes” – New Album from Onboard Balloon – Out Now!

Onboard Balloon is back a third Arcadiac release within the last year, “Burn Boxes”!
Pick up your copy right here:
Personally I really love this album and I’ve had it on heavy rotation in my own DJ sets throughout the year.“_”Burn Boxes” was recorded in and heavily influenced by the first cold months of this year. You will find ominous beats listening to this album. You will find catchy, synth-driven melodies. You will find that Lee can tell a story. You will find that Lee can laugh at the idea of a story mere seconds after you thought the last thought. You will think all things… **May cause desire to burn boxes_”For more information and to stay in touch, check out:
onboardballoon.com    Bandcamp    Facebook
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Enjoy! ~dhh