album: “Less Is Orchestra” by Alias & Doseone

“Less Is Orchestra” is the all new offering from the legends Alias & Doseone.

Sadly, it is also the final offering from the super producer that was Brendan “Alias” Whitney who will live on in our hearts forever. This project is a beautiful combination of harmony and melodious rhyme-schemes that’ll leave you with goosebumps as the classic underground sound fills your soul with it’s essence… Grab your copy via anticon Records here(ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE SURVIVING FAMILY OF BRENDON “ALIAS” WHITNEY. ):

For physical copies… this is where to look:

“This isn’t a eulogy and it isn’t a sob story, but some things need to be said. On March 30, 2018, we lost Alias, Brendon Whitney, 41, who not only cofounded Anticon, but through his lyrics gave the collective a big, bleeding heart, and with his production leant mood, beauty, and invention to every song he touched. To say that Bren left too soon is unfathomable understatement—he was on a break from the studio when it happened. But this is the part where he lives on. It’s the part where two best friends, Alias and Adam “Doseone” Drucker, finally make the album they’d been meaning to for twenty years. Where two seasoned artists at the height of their abilities return to the spirit of collaboration that launched their careers and find that old fire waiting. Where, amid day jobs and a mild sense of encroaching obscurity, they made their best work, ever, together”. [Read more on the anticon Bandcamp link here]

More information is stationed here:
Alias on Facebook
Doseone on Facebook

Peace! ~dhh

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