Factor – Don’t Give Up feat. Paranoid Castle and Jeans Boots(Music Video)

Check out the video for the first Single from Factor’s new album “Woke Up Alone”!
“Don’t Give Up” feat. Paranoid Castle and Jeans Boots

Directed: Geordie Gescha
Lyrics: Kirby Dominant (Paranoid Castle) and Jeans Boots
Produced: Factor

Full album available here:

“Woke Up Alone, a necromantic play told in five scenes, begins with our grieving protagonist, played by Kirby Dominant of Paranoid Castle, struggling to grasp the grim meathook reality of a dead wife. Four lush and mournful instrumental interludes woven throughout and bookending Woke Up Alone capture the emotions of the widower as he speaks with his wife’s ghost, a false prophet, a doctor, a psychiatrist, a medicine man, his own conscience and the devil”.