No Bird Sing’s “APOGEE” – Official Music Video Out Now!

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Check out this stunning new music video from No Bird sing from their track APOGEE!! It’s directed by Patrick Pegg and features the unmistakable voice of Aby Wolf… Check it out here:
[youtube url=]
it’s the second video from their latest album “Definition Sickness” and it’s available in various formats here:

Here’s a little more about the track:
“When writing Apogee, emcee Joe Horton imagined two eternal beings who are locked in orbit around one another, taking turns sleeping and being awake. During the transition, the two pass each other like ships in the night, sharing a brief moment of collective consciousness before one falls asleep and the other awakens. Apogee takes place during one such transition, as the soon-to-be sleeping declares his love and surrender to the soon-to-be awake. In this fleeting moment of lucidity, he tries to tell her about all the beauty and pain she will experience while awake, ultimately finding comfort in the futility of the task. The video adapts the concept of the song to a couple in a modern apartment experiencing the endless awake/sleep cycle. The awake writes their thoughts onto the sleeping, treating them more like diary than partner. Just before the transition, the awake realizes the danger in what they’ve done and attempts to clean the sleeping. They fail to do so, and the sleeping wakes, covered in writing, not quite sure what to make of the place they find themselves”.

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Enjoy! ~dhh

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