The Hinderance – Official “Smithsonian Butterfly Promo

Passive 65ive and Issuez7 are The Hinderance!!
Check out the Official Promo Video for their upcoming third release “Smithsonian Butterfly” coming out this Summer!!
[youtube url=]

The album will feature L.I.F.E Long , Optimus GFN, Absrakt Distortion, Syntax Strange, Duke01 , MegaBusive and Mozez with production from Agartha Audio, Gold Panda, Voider One, Waatu Music, Optimus GFN, Lawds, Carl Kavorkian and Wermonster!!

It’s not out yet but be sure to check out The Hinderance’s free download before the album here:

Artwork 4 the album was done by HeDreamtMars :

4 more Hinderance Material along with Passive 65ive albums check out :

And for other Hinderace ep’s and Issuez releases check out :

Peace! ~dhh

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